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Six Best Wines for Your Holiday Party

This post is sponsored by Discount Drug Mart but all opinions are my own.

I think you all know by now, Discount Drug Mart has been my one stop shop this holiday. Their minimum pricing on alcoholic beverages lets me stretch my budget and pick up all my favorite brands – and then some!

I was recently in charge of bringing the wine to our girls night holiday party. In typical Shelbie fashion, I was running behind schedule. Does this time of year have anyone else running around like crazy? Fear not, thank you to Discount Drug Mart, I was able to pick up all the wine for the party and even snag everything I needed to make some pretty impressive charcuterie boards! Discount Drug Mart had me looking like Chris Cringle on a scrooge budget!

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Five Ways To Kick Start Your Fitness Routine!

Before you kick start anything…you have to find your why.

Upcoming vacation?

Self Care?

Drop some lbs?

Tone up?

Meet new people?

Got it? Alight. Now whatever it is (big or small) remember it whenever you think about skipping class or skipping the last rep!

here’s five way’s to turn that why into why not:

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OHIO HOLIDAY MARKET GUIDE 2018 #shopsmallohio

image1 (6)

Pumpkin spice, shopping small, and everything nice…it’s almost that time of year!

I am sad to see summer fade away, but the idea of fall fun gives me a glimmer of what exciting things we have to come. I’ve whipped up this blog to give you a list of some amazing opportunities to give back to the community while supporting local businesses! I love starting my holiday shopping at these fun markets. There’s no better combination of finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member + putting cash in a locals pocket! I will be updating this blog post through out the month as I find more ways to shop small this fall/winter. If you find anything please tag me and let me know to check it out and share! 

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Our Favorite Things: Photography

Hello Friday 🙂

Today I am sharing my favorite things about one of my favorite topics…photography. I absolutely love taking photos just as much as I do editing and sharing them. If you want to up your photo game -for fun or for business- keep reading! I’m spilling all the tea on how I do what I do for the photos I use on Instagram and my blog.

Taking Photos

Canon SL2

This camera is my new favorite thing. Although you do not need a fancy pants camera to blog, it does help! If you’re just starting out, I encourage you to wait and make a camera a goal. We love this camera because it does come with a viewing screen for vlogging, the photos are stunning, and it has WiFi! You definitely don’t need to spend the big bucks—you’d be surprised at all the tools you hold right on your phone!

IPhone 7+

The phone I have is an iPhone 7+. I think it does a great job for photos! Just remember, lighting is everything! My iphone photo tip: Portrait Mode! If you don’t already know, now you know! You will gush over how amazing your photos will look

Editing Photos


This app is my favorite. It’s the only thing I use to edit my photos! The filters are seriously the best. I was using the free version up until recently. I decided to pay the $21 for the full version last week. I think this app is like the fancy pants camera: don’t feel like you have to spend extra money, dive around in the free version first!

Spicing Things Up

My holly grail of apps right here! These are my everyday IG enhancers 🙂

Rhonna + Rhonna Collage + RD Magic

Here’s two photos I just whipped up while making this blog post. I wanted to show some of the fun elements you can add to your photos. You can add text to existing photos in Rhonna. You can also create your own fun text + clip art photos like I did above. The Rhonna app comes with a ton of free fonts and images – options to upgrade as well! The Rhonna collage lets you put photos together like the Layout IG app. I used the RD Magic app on Trevor’s photo. I don’t use this app everyday, but it’s fun to play around with. I added the flash and light effects.


This is where I make my videos right on my phone. It’s pretty self explanatory and easy to use! There’s a lot of times I make a video but never get around to editing it on the computer. This makes it really convenient for me.  I definitely recommend it.

Hype Type

This is what I use to “hype” up my Instagram stories. Shout out to Layla Living for giving me the 411 on this app. It lets you add fun flowing text and music to videos+photos. I love how easy it is to add music! iMovie makes it so hard at times – hype type links straight to the Apple Music library! I find myself leaning more towards hype type to make quick videos! Love it!

Camera Connect

This is app and our new camera go together.  Not only can I control the camera with my phone, but I can send my photos straight from the camera to my phone in seconds! This is also so nice to use while I’m taking photos with friends. I can link up to them and send the photos right away. I really like stream lining the creative process if you can’t tell. When I can navigate through my entire process take-create-upload all on my phone, I’m personally the most successful at staying consistent!

I hope this blog post helps you all spice up your photos -for blogging or just for fun! I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of memories and opportunities to take photos. If you learned anything from this post let me know! Tag me in your uploads so I can love on them and share 🙂 

Love from,

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Alice's Table + Lunatic Fringe = Blowouts & Blooms

“After Women, Flowers Are The Most Divine Creations.”

Layla (@laylalivng) and I had a wonderful time Saturday night at the Blowouts & Blooms event! Layla is another Cincinnati Blogger who actually co-hosts the (@cincinnatibloggers) Instagram page with me! There is something amazing that happens when women get together…there’s something even more amazing when supportive women get together.

Alice’s Table and Lunatic Fringe Salon collaborated to bring together such an uplifting girls night out. Layla and I entered the salon receiving a warm welcome. We all introduced ourselves, had a few glasses of wine, then headed to the chair to talk about what kind of style we wanted.

Haley was my stylist. She was such a sweetheart. She did a wonderful job transforming my hair from a drab ponytail to a voluminous, fun beach wave. As she washed my hair and styled it, she was so informative walking me through each step. She made sure to describe the products and what they do.

The salon was beautiful & the atmosphere was incredible. The team at Lunatic Fringe were so hospitable and really made all of the ladies feel welcome. You could truly see the girls at Lunatic Fringe love what they do and enjoy working together as a team.

After we all looked fabulous with our fresh blowouts, it was time to bloom. Hannah, the Event Exec for Alice’s Table, had us all set up ready to create. From all the flowers and tools being provided to Hannah’s passion for sharing her knowledge, she set us up to be successful! I can be a little OCD at times. I thought for sure I would be nit picking my arrangement until the last minute, but surprisingly I was not. Hannah walked us through the process so well while teaching us tips and tricks. It was a flawless process with a beautiful outcome.

This event was more empowering and inspiring than I expected. I left with a beautiful arrangement and the skills to recreate arrangements in the future. Between the blowout and the way creating an arrangement felt therapeutic, I left feeling pampered and relaxed. I left feeling so excited for Hannah and her new endeavor bringing women together. I wish her all the success and I can not wait to watch her grow! From seeing the stylists in the salon collaborate and work so well as a team, to everyone supporting Hannah and her new business…women supporting women was a big underlying theme for the night! We all were giddy complementing each others arrangements and hair. And let me add, Greg from Lunatic Fringe was so supportive! He was there to lift us all up and let everyone know we did such a great job.

I am so excited I got to attend this event and share it with you all. It was so much fun. I needed to recharge my batteries this weekend, and that’s exactly what happened.

Definitely check out Alice’s Table and follow Hannah to see upcoming events. You can even host a private event with Hannah if you have a group of 10 or more!

Read about Layla’s Experience Here

Check out Alice’s Table




Check out Lunatic Fringe




I hope you all have a wonderful week! I hope this blog post inspires you to get a group of girls together for an Alice’s Table event, go to Lunatic Fringe for a blow out, or even just text a friend and lift her up with a little pep talk! Women are amazing.

When women support women…we bloom!

Love from,

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Our Favorite Things: Children's Books

We love books. It’s a love passed down from my mom. We thought it would be nice to share our favorite children’s books with you all. I say our favorites because these are genuinely books I don’t mind reading over and over. Now that Trevor is reading on his own, I do get off the hook a little bit. He loves reading to Jax, and I love listening to him reading to his brother.

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