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Beauty is one of my favorite topics to blog about! I’m always trying a new makeup trend or perfecting my skincare routine. This year I will bring even more beauty to ddotts for you – stay tuned!

Sunless Tan – How to Get The Best Results

May 30, 2019

If it’s applying a sunless tanner at home or getting a spray tan at the spa…there are thing I do to prepare for and maintain my glow. Being out in the sun is so great for your mind, body, and spirit - but not so much your skin - you must use an SPF! Sun damage and skin cancer is no joke! Luckily, I’ve found my favorite at home sunless tanner & a great local spa offering spray tans. They…

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Eyelash Extensions 101

April 9, 2019

What Are Eyelash Extensions? A service that lengthens and thickens your own natural eyelashes by applying a single strand of synthetic eyelash. Each strand is curved to replicate a natural eyelash. Because each strand is applied one by one to each individual lash, the look is natural, beautiful and gorgeous! They are perfect to get preparing for a special event or day to day wear.…

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My Pinterest Worthy Hair Transformation with Fairhairco.

February 18, 2019

Okay, so you know all of those beautiful hair colors you pin on Pinterest and swoon over everyday? The beachy, beautiful, melted blends? Yes, those!! I found the sweetest gem here in Cincy that can give you that dream hair! Kathryn is not only a wizard behind the chair - but one of the most darling humans I have ever met! She is an Aveda educated and trained custom hair color specialist with over 6 years of high-end salon experience…

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9 Ways To Improve Your Life – Starting With Your Morning Routine

February 11, 2019

Self care comes in so many different forms. I used to think self care and automatically go to: face mask, bubble bath, red wine. That might be 100% what someone else needs - but it never truly satisfied me. I found that the best self care I could give myself was routine. Creating a practical but effective morning routine changed my life.…

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I Tried It: Microneedling Facial

November 16, 2018

I have been following FFAesthetics forever now swooning over their work at their Columbus location. I was soooo excited when I heard they were coming to my city. I visited the NEW Face Forward Aesthetics location here in Cincinnati. So Microneedling…it kinda sounds scary, cause well…tiny needles on your face? I promise it’s not! I came in and they put the numbing gel all over my face. I laid in the bed and did some social media scrolling for 30…

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A Love Spell With Pure Romance

November 7, 2018

Coochy Shave Lotion is the #1 most talked about Pure Romance product and a five star customer favorite! Coochy® blocks those little red bumps from appearing on your bikini area, underarms, legs, and anywhere else you shave. …

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Falling for Pink Blush

July 30, 2017

This beautiful weekend we've had in Cincinnati has inspired me to throw this outfit up on the blog. Fall is hands down my FAVORITE season for fashion…HANDS DOWN! Give me all the jeans/boots/sweaters! I'm literally counting down until fall/winter right now when I should be looking forward to my cruise next month. I'm thinking my new found work schedule may be swaying my love for the fall/winter months so much more! Working in a school I now get the same holiday schedule as…

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Savvy Wool OOTD – Special Sale!

July 1, 2017

Hey Y’all!  I wanted to share with you my outfit today in honor of Savvy Wool’s discount code! They are giving 25% off today only with a special discount code (see below)…on top of their always FREE SHIPPING!        Robin’s Egg Blouse           Canvas Seaside Slouchies       This top is amazing! I’ve worn it with regular basic blue jeans…olive and red. It looked amazing with every color! The shape is so fun…

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 13, 2017

1.Adornlee Adventure Tote Bag  2. MaLyn Logic Clothing and Accessories 3.Patchology Flashpatch 5 Minute Hydrogels   4.Loopy Stop The Drop Phone Cases 5. Planet Jill Personalized Jewelry & Gifts 6. Page 261 Travel Mug  7.Personal Planner 8.O-Venture Key Ring & Card Case 9.Ugg Tye Sneaker  10.Thread Tank Motherhood Threads  1. Adornlee Adventure Tote This tote is so perfect. I love the saying “and so the adventure begins darling”…This would be an adorable gift for a mom to be or even a seasoned vet. Everyday is an adventure as a mama! I love canvas bags!…

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My Mama Time Out @ Ambiance Nail Salon +Giveaway

March 29, 2017

I love a good mom time out. Tonight I spent a couple hours of “me time” at Ambiance Nail Salon. Ambiance is my favorite Nail salon here in Cincinnati! The staff is amazing. Everyone is extremely friendly and so upbeat. You can truly tell they care about their customers and are passionate about  making you feel your best. Not to mention, their salons look like beach resorts! The interior design in the salon makes me feel like I am on…

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