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Sunless Tan – How to Get The Best Results

If it’s applying a sunless tanner at home or getting a spray tan at the spa…there are thing I do to prepare for and maintain my glow. Being out in the sun is so great for your mind, body, and spirit – but not so much your skin – you must use an SPF! Sun damage and skin cancer is no joke! Luckily, I’ve found my favorite at home sunless tanner & a great local spa offering spray tans. They help me achieve that summer glow without the risk.

rodan and fields

My go to at home sunless tanner is the Rodan & Fields Sunless Tanning Mousse. It applies so easily, and the color is great! My suggestion? When using this product use a tanning mitt or glove. It helps the product go on even, smooth, and keeps your hands from turning all orange in between your fingers.

organic glow cincy

Recently I’ve been visiting Abalene at Organic Glow Cincy for spray tans/facials/manicures—she offers a great variety of services. She is the best! I have absolutely loved every spray tan I’ve received. She takes her time and sprays you herself making sure your tan is even and golden.  She also uses organic tanning solution that is paraben free, erythrulose free, and fragrance free. It’s even certified vegan by the PETA foundation. THE BEST PART? her tans are never orange – the solution is walnut based, so you get a natural brown tone. I actually just had a wonderful visit with Abalene last weekend. I received an amazing glow up for my family photos. I even created an IGTV behind the scenes video sharing my flawless spray tan and manicure. Check it out here.

Without further ado – let’s get into it!


Dry Brush/Exfoliate –  I recently implemented dry brushing into my daily routine and I’m loving it! I usually try to dry brush about 3 days consecutively leading up to my tan. This is a great way to exfoliate with so many additional benefits. See the amazing image below with great information thanks to

Shower/Shave – shower and shave the night before your spray tan. Try to give 24 hours if you shave so any cuts can heal before you tan. If you shave when you shower right after your tan it could be abrasive on your skin and could limit the life of your tan.

Moisturize – You want to keep your skin soft, so moisturize your body every day leading up to your tan. If you have dry skin the spray tan will cling to those pieces & can make the spray tan apply patchy. Abalene does advises not putting on any lotion the day of your tan.


  • Wear clothes that fit loose. You don’t want anything that will cling/rub on your skin.
  • I like to get my spray tans in the evening so I can sleep in it and get a shower first thing in the AM.
  • Stay completely dry until you develop. If you can, plan your tan around the weather. Try to go when it’s not raining. Even one tiny drop of water will stop the tan in its tracks!

“Spray tans should be booked 24-48 hours prior to your special event for best results.”



  • Abalene gives me a recommended 8 hr. wait time before showering after a tan. She does tell me to wash my hands after 2 hrs. to avoid your hands getting too dark.
  • Remember that your spray tan does need time to develop. The color you are right after spraying will not be your ending color – you will become darker – and then just right after your shower.
  • Moisturize – but be careful! Abalene recommends using products that are gentle on skin – using any harsh chemicals/oils can and will diminish your tan.

Ta-Da – that’s what I do to get the best results from a spray tan! Cincy local? Go check out Abalene at Organic Glow Cincy. Her services are just as amazing as she is!

8020 Hosbrook Rd

Cincinnati, Oh 45236

513-400-3034 spray tan organic glow cincy spray tan organic glow cincy

Happy Tanning!

P.S. Did you catch my latest blog post answering all of your eyelash extension questions? Check it out here!


Eyelash Extensions 101

Hello Friends 🙂 Happy Tuesday! I just got home from my bi-weekly lash fill!

I have been getting my lashes done consistently since November and I am finally sharing with you all everything you need to know about Eyelash Extensions!

I know eyelash extensions can raise lots of questions, I decided to do a Q and A round up answering some of the most common questions I’ve been asked. For any technical questions I have gone to my incredible lash artist – JT is incredible! If you are located in the Cincy/NKY area & you are looking for lash extensions, you HAVE to schedule an appointment with her. Not only will you leave with the most amazing self confidence & beautiful lashes – – I promise that you will also leave with a new friend!

What Are Eyelash Extensions? A service that lengthens and thickens your own natural eyelashes by applying a single strand of synthetic eyelash. Each strand is curved to replicate a natural eyelash. Because each strand is applied one by one to each individual lash, the look is natural, beautiful and gorgeous! They are perfect to get preparing for a special event or day to day wear.

Does It Hurt? No. Not at all! I fall asleep just about everytime!

How Long Will They Last? The glue used is long lasting – bonus? It does not contain any fumes or irritants! They will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your lashes -about 4 weeks. Everyone will be a little different based on your daily life. Touch ups should only be needed every 2 or every 3 weeks.

Is It Worth The Money? Yes! Depending on where you go and how much you are spending (every place will be different) I personally think JT’s prices are great for maintaining my lashes and not breaking the bank.

Can I Apply Mascara? I personally don’t. I think my lash artist does such a great job, I don’t need it. I also don’t want to apply mascara because then it can weigh them down and damage them/shorten their lifespan. If you do wish to apply mascara, it has to be water based. DO NOT USE OIL BASED OR WATER PROOF MASCARA! Also, only use a water based eye make up remover.

How Long Does It Take To Get Them Done? I would say about an hour and a 1/2 to 2 hours for the first set. I get my fill ins every 2 weeks and I would say that takes just about an hour.

Do they ruin your real lashes?
So far I haven’t had any problems with my real lashes as far as I can notice, but I do know I will have to give my lashes a break at some point to breathe before continuing.

What set do you have?
I have the classic.

What kind of lashes are they?
My lashes are synthetic.

What length does she use?
She mixes different lengths to make it look natural!

How Do I Care For Them? Do not get them wet for 24/48 hours. I find that when I wait the full 48 hours to shower, my lashes end up looking brand new longer. Avoid hot steam/sauna. Avoid running water directly on your lashes. Do not rub your eyes. Do not perm lashes. Do don use a lash curler. Do not pull your lashes. I try my hardest to sleep on my back to keep them fresh while I sleep – this doesn’t always happen as I sleep face down like a starfish. I do think being conscience of it though has helped! I also brush my lashes 2x per day (when I do my make up in the AM & when I go to bed) To clean them I use a contact solution on my eyelash brush and brush them out – this helps just get any debris off of the lash.

I hope this answered any questions you might have! If not please comment and reach out. I personally love my lashes. Thank you so much to JT who keeps me looking alive 🙂 If you’re in the Cincy/NKY area I highly recommend her. Check out her IG link here and feel free to shoot her a DM!

sign off


My Pinterest Worthy Hair Transformation with Fairhairco.

Okay, so you know all of those beautiful hair colors you pin on Pinterest and swoon over everyday? The beachy, beautiful, melted blends?

Yes, those!!

I found the sweetest gem here in Cincy that can give you that dream hair! Kathryn is not only a wizard behind the chair – but one of the most darling humans I have ever met! She is an Aveda educated and trained custom hair color specialist with over 6 years of high-end salon experience in color, lightening, balayage, and color-blending techniques…and it shows!! I left with a brand new hair do Saturday and a new BFF – if I only get to see her to get my hair done next – it will seriously be too long! You think she needs an assistant/hype man friend in the salon everyday? Her energy is just absolutely the best! Her salon is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The vibe is so fresh and clean and fun!

My husband literally described my before hair as “dingy blonde” – he’s so sweet. That was my natural god given hair growing from my head that he described as “dingy.” If you want honesty, ask your husband or children!

Before I even booked my appointment with Kathryn I posted on my IG story a poll for everyone to vote on two hair colors I have been stuck between: strawberry blonde vs white blonde. There was an OVERWHELMING amount of y’all who wanted me to go strawberry. The photo that I posted for inspo of Jaci Marie is absolutely stunning so I am not surprised! Kathryn had been following me and decided to DM me and say “girrrrl, I want to do your hair!” After looking at her IG feed it took me 1.6 seconds to write back and say “yassss queen!” and schedule an appointment. Check her feed below and you’ll know exactly what I mean!

So here is my hair now: this Pinterest worthy silver, white blonde blend. It totally brought me back to life. It is so much more than hair, I feel inspired and brand new! We need those times in our lives to shake us out of our shells – and we all know winter forces us so far into our shells! Not to mention, she used the most amazing Olaplex products on my hair to keep it healthy while lightening up!

Thank you Kathryn. This blog post really can’t put into words how much I love my hair & how happy I am to have met you!

If you’re in the Cincy area and looking for hair so fabulous & a new friend to come with it…you will not regret spending the day with Kathryn. She will transform your hair into a Pinterest photo while turning your confidence all around!

Kathryn Flores


6011 Tylersville Rd. Mason, Ohio


Beauty guide

9 Ways To Improve Your Life – Starting With Your Morning Routine

Self care comes in so many different forms. I used to think self care and automatically go to: face mask, bubble bath, red wine. That might be 100% what someone else needs – but it never truly satisfied me. I found that the best self care I could give myself was routine. Creating a practical but effective morning routine changed my life. 

It is common sense that waking up earlier or preparing what I could the night before would help my sanity – but did I do it? No. I was so freaking busy running from here to there every night with more things to do…I couldn’t find the time. I was like a spinning top with no pause in sight. I had it down to the science of how I could wake up at the very last minute to just do the very least and rush the boys out the door. I was finding myself so grumpy, looking like a troll, yelling at the boys to rush. It was not okay! 

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Beauty i tried it

I Tried It: Microneedling Facial

I have been following FFAesthetics forever now swooning over their work at their Columbus location. I was soooo excited when I heard they were coming to my city.

I visited the NEW Face Forward Aesthetics location here in Cincinnati.

So Microneedling…it kinda sounds scary, cause well…tiny needles on your face?

I promise it’s not!

I came in and they put the numbing gel all over my face. I laid in the bed and did some social media scrolling for 30 minutes – then it was show time.

My nurse was fabulous. She was actually training a shadow so it was really informative listening to her describe all of the steps. It was really interesting. Our bodies are so cool!


10-15 minutes and wha-lah.

I was looking all cool with blood on my face!

My nurse said I have really thick skin (Yass I do girl) and she said I have good collegian! I do use collegian powder in my coffee everyday so this makes me think it’s doing something right!!

So now what?! What was all of that for?! What did I just do?

So Microneedling gently stimulates the skin with very fine needles that encourage natural collagen & elastin production, improve skin tone, texture, firmness as well as reduction in scars, pore size, or blemishes. -All the things I want!

According to a 2008 study, skin treated with four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart produced up to a 400% increase in collagen and elastin six months after completing treatment.

So I am a few weeks out and here is my skin!

I’m obsessed.

I can’t wait to go back to Face Forward!

Check out the services they offer here!

If you visit them, please tell them I sent you!


A Love Spell With Pure Romance

Let’s talk about Pure Romance!

I’m going to be 100%, Pure Romance is a brand that used to make me hide my face in my hair.

I’m sure it’s because the first time I ever heard of them was actually 6 years ago when my Aunt threw me a party to celebrate my upcoming wedding. I was embarrassed. I was nervous. What are my friends going to think? We weren’t the group of girls who really talked about any of this stuff.

That night ended up being one of the greatest nights of my life. We made memories we will never forget. By the end I felt empowered and educated.

Who I was 6 years ago was totally fine, just pretty closed off and nervous discussing topics of self discovery. I’m still a little “uptight” -per my mom- but I have most definitely learned to let loose and enjoy the ride! I am so much more empowered! I’ve learned that while opening myself up to those around me, I actually learned to open up to myself!

If Pure Romance would have asked to work with my blogging self years back I would have said, “oh no, I could never do that!” I would have been way too shy.

Today I am so excited Pure Romance asked to work together! My all time favorite beauty product is Pure Romance and I ain’t afraid to say it… but I am.

I still am a little shy & I won’t actually say the name (rhymes with toochy?)

I bought this conditioning shave cream 6 years ago at my first party and absolutely loved it!

Coochy Shave Lotion is the #1 most talked about Pure Romance product and a five star customer favorite! Coochy® blocks those little red bumps from appearing on your bikini area, underarms, legs, and anywhere else you shave. 

Guess what? You can even use it as a leave in conditioner while in the shower! Just toss a little on the ends on your hair, let it sit while you shave your body, then rinse! You’ll be all smooth and smelling amazing!

And Pure Romance has a full line of the Love Story collection. They all smell like sensual amber + warm vanilla…perfect for fall/winter self care Sunday rituals! I love using them all together right before snuggling up in bed with the husband.

Check out all of their bath and body here!

I am definitely due for another entertaining Pure Romance party with my friends and family! Not to mention, the benefits for hosting a party are amazing: GIRLS NIGHT + FREE PRODUCTS!!

Best News Yet:

Pure Romance is letting me give you 10% off your order. Just use code ddotts10 at check out to receive 10% off!

Shop Pure Romance Now!

Follow Pure Romance On Facebook

Follow Pure Romance on Instagram! Their account is so amazing!

Follow along on Twitter 🐦

Head over to my Instagram stories this week to see even more Pure Romance products I am using and loving right now!


Teeth whitening For Coffee Stains

If you’re here you probably already know one thing about me, coffee is life. I drink coffee like a Gilmore girl: morning, noon, and night! Although coffee brings me all the energy and life, the downfall is it can put a damper on my smile. I have used Crest Whitestrips in the past. They always do a good job, but really miss the cracks and crevices of my teeth. It’s hard for them to reach every angle of the tooth.

I recently started using a more custom teeth whitening experience with custom fitted trays created by Smile Brilliant. It has been a really cool process that I decided to share with you all.

Why Custom Trays?
Smile Brilliant offers a custom teeth whitening experience equivalent to the method provided by the dentists. The best part? You don’t have to leave the house. It’s a great way to whiten even with sensitive teeth, it’s safe for both enamel & gums. The results are noticeable and permanent!
My Experience?
When my Smile Brilliant box arrived I was a little nervous. Getting the kit with all the tools to create your trays kind of intimidated me. I was honestly surprised at how easy it actually was. I created my custom trays while laying in bed watching the Bachelor. About a week or so later, I got my custom trays in the mail. I made whitening my teeth part of my bedtime routine. It was hard to remember at first, but it soon became routine.
My gums experienced slight sensitivity over time. That was quickly solved by using the desensitizing gel included in my kit.
My Results?
My results were incredible! I honestly don’t think my teeth have ever been this white. All my life, I always hated smiling with my teeth. It wasn’t necessarily my teeth color, but I just hated my smile. I’ve noticed that since whitening, I’m finding myself smiling with my teeth more and more. I’m enjoying this boost of confidence.

I’ve been truly impressed with Smile Brilliant. I’m blown away by my results. Have you used Smile Brilliant yet? If not, you’re in luck.
Smile Brilliant and I have collaborated on this blog post and decided to give you all a discount offer: use ddotts15 to receive 15% off storewide!
But that’s not all, one lucky reader will receive a Smile Brilliant kit of their own! Click this link & enter to win:
*Open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canadian residents.

Thank you Smile Brilliant for boosting my confidence and allowing me to show off my pearly whites 🙂
Love From,

Beauty guide me

Alice's Table + Lunatic Fringe = Blowouts & Blooms

“After Women, Flowers Are The Most Divine Creations.”

Layla (@laylalivng) and I had a wonderful time Saturday night at the Blowouts & Blooms event! Layla is another Cincinnati Blogger who actually co-hosts the (@cincinnatibloggers) Instagram page with me! There is something amazing that happens when women get together…there’s something even more amazing when supportive women get together.

Alice’s Table and Lunatic Fringe Salon collaborated to bring together such an uplifting girls night out. Layla and I entered the salon receiving a warm welcome. We all introduced ourselves, had a few glasses of wine, then headed to the chair to talk about what kind of style we wanted.

Haley was my stylist. She was such a sweetheart. She did a wonderful job transforming my hair from a drab ponytail to a voluminous, fun beach wave. As she washed my hair and styled it, she was so informative walking me through each step. She made sure to describe the products and what they do.

The salon was beautiful & the atmosphere was incredible. The team at Lunatic Fringe were so hospitable and really made all of the ladies feel welcome. You could truly see the girls at Lunatic Fringe love what they do and enjoy working together as a team.

After we all looked fabulous with our fresh blowouts, it was time to bloom. Hannah, the Event Exec for Alice’s Table, had us all set up ready to create. From all the flowers and tools being provided to Hannah’s passion for sharing her knowledge, she set us up to be successful! I can be a little OCD at times. I thought for sure I would be nit picking my arrangement until the last minute, but surprisingly I was not. Hannah walked us through the process so well while teaching us tips and tricks. It was a flawless process with a beautiful outcome.

This event was more empowering and inspiring than I expected. I left with a beautiful arrangement and the skills to recreate arrangements in the future. Between the blowout and the way creating an arrangement felt therapeutic, I left feeling pampered and relaxed. I left feeling so excited for Hannah and her new endeavor bringing women together. I wish her all the success and I can not wait to watch her grow! From seeing the stylists in the salon collaborate and work so well as a team, to everyone supporting Hannah and her new business…women supporting women was a big underlying theme for the night! We all were giddy complementing each others arrangements and hair. And let me add, Greg from Lunatic Fringe was so supportive! He was there to lift us all up and let everyone know we did such a great job.

I am so excited I got to attend this event and share it with you all. It was so much fun. I needed to recharge my batteries this weekend, and that’s exactly what happened.

Definitely check out Alice’s Table and follow Hannah to see upcoming events. You can even host a private event with Hannah if you have a group of 10 or more!

Read about Layla’s Experience Here

Check out Alice’s Table




Check out Lunatic Fringe




I hope you all have a wonderful week! I hope this blog post inspires you to get a group of girls together for an Alice’s Table event, go to Lunatic Fringe for a blow out, or even just text a friend and lift her up with a little pep talk! Women are amazing.

When women support women…we bloom!

Love from,

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5 Things To Know Before Getting Your Eyebrows Microbladed

So this week I got my eyebrows microbladed…it was magical. 

For those of you that don’t know…“Microblading  is a form of semi-Permanent Makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.” Microblading uses a hand-held-tool that looks like an X-ACTO knife. It puts pigment into the skin but doesn’t go as deep as a tattoo. 


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Falling for Pink Blush


This beautiful weekend we've had in Cincinnati has inspired me to throw this outfit up on the blog. Fall is hands down my FAVORITE season for fashion…HANDS DOWN! Give me all the jeans/boots/sweaters! I'm literally counting down until fall/winter right now when I should be looking forward to my cruise next month. I'm thinking my new found work schedule may be swaying my love for the fall/winter months so much more! Working in a school I now get the same holiday schedule as the boys.

Can I get a snow day?!

image1 (1).JPG

I am leaving some fall inspo here for you to check out! I'm loving everything about this outfit. This top in incredibly soft and I love the print. Buy it here! I actually have the background on my phone as a floral print very similar. These jeggings are Gap, my favorite fall color: olive. These wedge booties are my favorite obsession. I wear them everywhere…even girls night out this Friday. They're as comfortable as slippers but look like I actually care what I look like out in public. Check them out here and shop Savvy Wool!


As I was putting this post together I was on Pink Blush getting links and decided to step back from fall and think about my upcoming trip. Be on the look out for more details on this adorable off the shoulder teal/floral number I just snagged. I will be stalking the mail man until it comes. Pink Blush is amazing…I'm warning you. You will not get clothes anywhere else once you feel how soft it all is.

Side note: washing is also very easy and everything is still just as comfortable and soft! Cold wash-hang dry!

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy the peace of the weekend as you prepare for another week ahead 🙂