Sunless Tan – How to Get The Best Results

May 30, 2019

If it’s applying a sunless tanner at home or getting a spray tan at the spa…there are thing I do to prepare for and maintain my glow. Being out in the sun is so great for your mind, body, and spirit – but not so much your skin – you must use an SPF! Sun damage and skin cancer is no joke! Luckily, I’ve found my favorite at home sunless tanner & a great local spa offering spray tans. They help me achieve that summer glow without the risk.

rodan and fields

My go to at home sunless tanner is the Rodan & Fields Sunless Tanning Mousse. It applies so easily, and the color is great! My suggestion? When using this product use a tanning mitt or glove. It helps the product go on even, smooth, and keeps your hands from turning all orange in between your fingers.

organic glow cincy

Recently I’ve been visiting Abalene at Organic Glow Cincy for spray tans/facials/manicures—she offers a great variety of services. She is the best! I have absolutely loved every spray tan I’ve received. She takes her time and sprays you herself making sure your tan is even and golden.  She also uses organic tanning solution that is paraben free, erythrulose free, and fragrance free. It’s even certified vegan by the PETA foundation. THE BEST PART? her tans are never orange – the solution is walnut based, so you get a natural brown tone. I actually just had a wonderful visit with Abalene last weekend. I received an amazing glow up for my family photos. I even created an IGTV behind the scenes video sharing my flawless spray tan and manicure. Check it out here.

Without further ado – let’s get into it!


Dry Brush/Exfoliate –  I recently implemented dry brushing into my daily routine and I’m loving it! I usually try to dry brush about 3 days consecutively leading up to my tan. This is a great way to exfoliate with so many additional benefits. See the amazing image below with great information thanks to

Shower/Shave – shower and shave the night before your spray tan. Try to give 24 hours if you shave so any cuts can heal before you tan. If you shave when you shower right after your tan it could be abrasive on your skin and could limit the life of your tan.

Moisturize – You want to keep your skin soft, so moisturize your body every day leading up to your tan. If you have dry skin the spray tan will cling to those pieces & can make the spray tan apply patchy. Abalene does advises not putting on any lotion the day of your tan.


  • Wear clothes that fit loose. You don’t want anything that will cling/rub on your skin.
  • I like to get my spray tans in the evening so I can sleep in it and get a shower first thing in the AM.
  • Stay completely dry until you develop. If you can, plan your tan around the weather. Try to go when it’s not raining. Even one tiny drop of water will stop the tan in its tracks!

“Spray tans should be booked 24-48 hours prior to your special event for best results.”



  • Abalene gives me a recommended 8 hr. wait time before showering after a tan. She does tell me to wash my hands after 2 hrs. to avoid your hands getting too dark.
  • Remember that your spray tan does need time to develop. The color you are right after spraying will not be your ending color – you will become darker – and then just right after your shower.
  • Moisturize – but be careful! Abalene recommends using products that are gentle on skin – using any harsh chemicals/oils can and will diminish your tan.

Ta-Da – that’s what I do to get the best results from a spray tan! Cincy local? Go check out Abalene at Organic Glow Cincy. Her services are just as amazing as she is!

8020 Hosbrook Rd

Cincinnati, Oh 45236

513-400-3034 spray tan organic glow cincy spray tan organic glow cincy

Happy Tanning!

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