Four Sensory Bin Ideas Your Toddler Will Love

April 2, 2021

If you’re looking for fun sensory bin ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Sensory bins are a great form of sensory play as well as a fun way to entertain your little one.

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What is a Sensory Bin?

If you’re not familiar with sensory bins, they can seem like nothing more than a container with a bunch of toys and things.  And well, that’s not far off. Sensory bins are a plastic bin or container that is filled with an assortment of material designed to stimulate all the senses through play.

Sensory bins should be open-ended, meaning that kids are free to play with its contents however they see fit.  There is no right or wrong way to explore and play.  Some kids might require direction at first or they may prefer for you to play with them – that’s ok too! 

What are the benefits of A Sensory Bin?

  • Improves fine motor skills through actions such as pinching, pouring and scooping
  • Expands language skills as they describe the different items in the bin or even create their own imaginative world within it
  • Develops social skills such as sharing and communicating if multiple children are playing together
  • Meets sensory needs by engaging all the sense – touching, smelling, hearing, seeing and tasting (if appropriate!)
  • Encourages imaginative play by providing an open-ended environment where the possibilities are endless

Four Bins To Make Today:

*remember, create bins that are age appropriate for your child – use caution adding small objects if you don’t think your child is ready*

Rubber Ducky Bubble Bath

sensory bin ddotts
This one is so simple, but so much fun! We decided to add colored stickers to the bottoms of each duck. We each were assigned a color & took turns pulling a duck from the bath to check the sticker to see if it was our color. For younger children you could have them identify the color while they pick a duck from the bath.

Outer Space

sensory bin ddotts
This might be my favorite! It’s a great way to play and learn about outer space! The opportunities are endless. I labeled the planet markers and had my boys place each plant with the name. For older children, you could also do it the opposite way and have them label and place each planet in order.

Flower Garden

sensory bin ddotts
This is such a sweet bin! My boys loved this one so much. They planed their flowers and wanted to decorate their room with them. This is so wonderful for spring. They simply scoop the beans as dirt, and plant their flowers in the pot.

Construction Site

sensory bin ddotts
Who doesn’t love dirt and sand? Moms maybe? I made this play sand from crushed cheerios! This was a hit in our house!

What bin is your favorite? Playtime is a wonderful time to watch and observe for any developmental delays. ABC Pediatric Therapy has so many developmental resources, including a guide to Your Child’s First Year – ABC Pediatric Therapy and Parenting with A Sensory Approach. For more information visit or click here to contact with any questions: ABC Pediatric Therapy – Contact Us

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