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9 Things + PinkBlush Dress

January 2, 2020

PinkBlush sent me this beautiful black and brown dress & I’m loving it! I haven’t done a 9 Things round up since Sept. – so I am way over due! I’ve been really spending the last couple months of 2019 focusing on my wardrobe and my style. I want my closet to be an easy mix and match – more neutrals! Alli of @Astylebreeze featured me in her Cincinnati fashion blogger round up of last year & labeled my style…

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9 Things

September 2, 2019

Coming into my birthday month - celebrating my 29th year - I want to kick off a new series on the blog. I proudly bring to you - - - -drum roll- - - -9 Things. This has no rhyme or reason. This has no schedule per say, but every once in awhile I plan to update you with my latest 9 Things I’d like to share. This could be thoughts, feelings, favorite things, events coming to Cincy, latest travels,…

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Our Family Photos With Kristin Weinberg Photography

July 9, 2019

We recently had the pleasure of updating our family photos with the incredibly sweet and talented Kristin Weinberg. Let me tell you - it was fun y'all!! WE HAD A BLAST!! She's a true sweet heart. She is so incredibly thoughtful and so good with kids! She sends the kids video chats the night before so they can be warmed up to her and not feel like a stranger is photographing them the next day! Although my boys are…

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Do We Really See How Beautiful We Are? An Inside Look Into My Recent Boudoir Photo Shoot.

April 16, 2017

My Boudoir Photo Shoot With Flirt Fototography —I was totally speechless until I blurted out “I didn’t even know my body looked like that!” I didn’t realize In the moment, but my own words hit me hard when I got home.— When I was a little girl, I would go to the basement and lose track of time going through albums and boxes of old photos. I loved seeing family photos of myself and my brothers…but what I really enjoyed…

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My 13 Year Old Self's Poem

April 14, 2017

So back in Jr.High I had a poem published in this random book “Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans” I almost forgot about it until I randomly stumbled over it today. I have been thinking a lot about what I am doing with my blog…my hopes and dreams…etc. I think finding this book today and hearing what my 13 year old self had to say was kind of like a wink from above telling me I’m on the “write” path…see…

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There's no post on Sundays…

February 13, 2017

Today was very productive day after a week of event planning. I caught up on laundry and cleaned the entire house. The hubby and I watched the third Divergent movie while putting clothes away. The boys even got their room cleaned. Trevor did his daily chores and Jax got in a nap all before 3:00! We decided to head outside for a hike. It was such a nice day. We’ve had a really wonderful weekend when it comes to weather.…

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What Have We Been Up To?

February 6, 2017

Trevor got some fresh kicks—check out that book bag! Yes, that’s a sloth riding a shark! I love my sweet big boy. He loves the color blue!  I’m exhausted and I’m noticing it’s a lot harder for me to hide! I did get some very inexpensive eye cream from ELF that has worked wonders. I would highly recommend! (click “eye cream”to shop amazon)  My poor little Jax has been struggling with a case of pneumonia. We are currently in a research…

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Be who you needed when you were younger.

January 5, 2017

Dear Mom: I love you!  It’s a snowy Thursday. I just walk in from picking the boys up from school. My mom calls right as I get in…like she knows she’s exactly what I need to hear. She checks on me to make sure my car drove okay in the snow. I actually almost slid into an intersection this morning, while coming to a stop in a turn lane covered in snow. I told her, “I remembered how you have…

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