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September 2, 2019


Coming into my birthday month – celebrating my 29th year – I want to kick off a new series on the blog. I proudly bring to you – – – -drum roll- – – -9 Things. This has no rhyme or reason or order. This has no schedule per say, but every once in awhile I plan to update you with my latest 9 Things I’d like to share. This could be thoughts, feelings, favorite things, events coming to Cincy, latest travels, quotes, good music…you name it. I’ve wanted to do this FOREVER now, but I never found the time did not make the time. Coming into my 29th year and 9 being my lucky number – being born on 9/9/90 – I think 9 things is just fitting. It’s also a fun, creative way for me to share a little bit more over here vs Instagram all the time. 

Soooo let’s get into it. Here are my 9 Things 

ONE – Thoughts On Turning 29 I used to think my 30’s were scary. Like a scene from a scary movie, as soon as I turned 23 I seen my 30’s creeping around the doorway like a scary little girl in a creepy nightgown. I would cry every year about being “closer to my 30’s!” I want to go back and slap that girl I was. I’m so glad I grew out of that. I have this overwhelming feeling that my 30’s are about to be lit. So – BRING IT ON! I’m here in this last year of my 20’s to dive deeper than ever and be bring on my 30’s as a better version of myself. For example: I’m a people pleaser. I’m the girl who makes everyone comfortable while I sit in discomfort. I am working on leaving that girl in my 20’s. I like to believe I can hold the weight of the world – but I don’t have to! I think there’s magic in figuring all that out.

TWO – Blush & Bubbly A brand new boutique and flower bar is opening in Hyde Park this weekend and I am so excited! Check out their IG account here to give them a follow. Kate, the owner, posts the outfits as soon as they hit the shop and even gets you involved in the shopping. I love voting in her IG stories on pieces to add to the shop. Check out her grand opening weekend Sept 6-8. She has so much fun planned. If you’re not local – check out her website here to shop online. I’ll be helping her shoot some pieces, so stay tuned for even more outfits coming to the blog and Instagram. How cute is this this blush tank? It’s perfect for our Cincinnati fall where it’s chilly in the morning and evening, but hot AF still during the day. It is cropped – but hits perfect with some high wasted jeans!

THREE – Dole Whip In Cincy – Maybe I’ve been living under a rock – maybe I’ve never really gone searching – but I thought everyone freaked out because Dole Whip was only at Disney or something? Well turns out, after some research (google), there are actually multiple places in Cincy you can find it. We went to Summit Park last week and stumbled upon one of those places – and the #1 spot on Yelp – Nanny Belle’s. I got the Dole Whip and it was incredible! I highly recommend checking out Nanny Belle’s while you are at Summit Park. They have a great selection of items! They also have a walk up window in addition to the indoor seating area – perfect if you’re at the park with pups or big ol strollers! 

FOUR – Finding Our Unwind In Springfield AGAIN – We are getting ready to head back up to Springfield for another relaxing weekend. Did you check out our blog post from last year? It was a great weekend up North to celebrate Jax’s birthday last summer. This year we are bringing my mom to explore and relax. Have you ever been to Springfield? It’s a great weekend or day trip getaway from Cincinnati. Check out my 6 Ways To Find Your Unwind In Springfield,Oh blog post for a great list of must see and dos! 

Springfield Ohio ddotts

FIVE – Cranberry Orange Scones – Tonight we made these Cranberry Orange Scones that were TO DIE FOR – perfect for fall! The amazing folks at @bluemanateepress & @joshisbaking  just shared this recipe in honor of the new Mr. Pumpkin’s Tea Party Book hitting the Blue Manatee Bookstore shelves tomorrow, Sept. 3rd! We highly recommend this recipe – the kids loved it! It’s just as amazing as the people over at Blue Manatee. If you haven’t visited that bookstore yet – it’s a must! It’s actually right down the street from the new Blush & Bubbly – mentioned above!

SIX – Bathroom Remodel – We are planning on finally finishing up our downstair’s bathroom redo! I can not wait. We need more storage in there – you will find me hanging up new shelves! We are also painting tile, decorating, staining wood, and more. I will be showing you guys all of this on the blog. Would you like youtube too? This is an older, tiny bathroom – pink vintage tiles and all – so I am hoping it can give you some inspo! Like all projects in this house – we started – and did not finish! I’m kind of happy about that quirky quality about my husband and I though – – – after owning this house for 6 years – I FINALLY feel like I know my style!! I am ready to finally move forward with decorating and making this house feel like me – I mean us 🙂

SEVEN – Harvest Home Fair This Weekend – We are so excited for the Harvest Home Fair this weekend. There’s so much fun, games, rides, and food for us and the kids. It kicks off with a fun parade on Thursday. Check out more info here. Another festival we will be hitting up is our town’s St. Clement festival. Do you have any festival plans this weekend? Do you enjoy summer or fall festivals? I personally love the fall festivals! They remind me of being a kid – we went to a lot of them in the fall. 

EIGHT- Rustic Grains Pop Up – Friday I went to the rustic grains pop up and it was sooo cute! They have the most adorable things from multiple vendors all in one shop: spices, candles, clothes, pillows, decor, and more! I picked up their fall on the farm candle and can’t stop burning it! Do not miss this – you have until Sept. 22 to check them out. Located in downtown OTR at the BRICK pop up shop, right across the street from Holtman’s doughnuts! Check them out on Facebook to keep up with where they will be next! They are always at the best holiday markets and shops!

NINE – My Ludington Blog – Ludington is hitting the blog tomorrow. I hope you guys find everything you need in this blog post to plan your most perfect getaway to Michigan. This trip was incredible. It was a life changing reset for me. I poured my heart and soul into this post and I can not wait to share! 

What do you think of this 9 Things blog post? I can’t wait to share more with you guys! I hope you had an amazing Labor Day weekend! Thank you so much for reading 🙂 

Tank: Blush & Bubbly

Jeans: LeiMarieLimited

Sweater: Target

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