Ombré Brows With Studio Hue

August 12, 2020

Back in October – feels like yesterday – I got my brows done with Erica of Studio Hue – formerly Dayton Microblading. Studio Hue offers a wide variety of permanent cosmetics as well as PMU training. Getting my brows done was totally one of best things I’ve ever done! It has made my make up routine so much simpler – – – not to mention – – – my brows look incredible! I didn’t realize how much I needed Erica’s help until I looked back at photos and was shocked honey! I was filling my brows in like I was blind lol I’m so thankful for Studio Hue!

Here are some before pics – I was filling in my brows very dark, aging myself.

I do have an entire video of the process here for you to watch. It includes the consult & how Erica and I came to decide Ombré brows were best for me! Erica is soooo incredibly tallented and I could honestly write an entire blog post on how awesome she is! She is the owner of Studio Hue & a true inspiration. She instantly feels like someone you’ve known forever – a sister – a friend! Her brow knowledge is absolutely spectacular and the combo of her friendliness and knowledge truly put you at ease knowing you’re in good hands.

click photo to watch IGTV video

Ombré brows give you a very structured brow & look like you’ve woke up with a filled in brow.

This was my brows the day after – you can see they are a little red! That goes down after the first couple of days!

This is a photo from a shoot I did a week or so right after my brows. They looked incredible and very “done” without any work!

Pain? None at all! They numb you up & believe it or not – I FELL ASLEEP! I was so shocked. I was not expecting to fall asleep like I did! I didn’t feel a thing!

Healing? It is a process & you have to trust the process! They totally look bold & sharp at first. They get crusty and peel about a week after – but don’t pick at them! Once they heal – you will understand!

Just like a normal tattoo – you do come back for touch ups so you can refresh!

This is my brows right after my touch up! I’m also wearing my Studio Hue GRL PWR tee 🙂

Here are my brows today – very natural, structured, and healed! After almost a full year since my procedure – I can say I do very little when filling in my brows. Mostly I am using a brow product to fill in and color my brow hairs. Having blonde hair, I have very light brow hairs that can hide the ombré look. I am due for a brow dye so my hairs can be the star of the show and my ombré highlight them!

If you’re in the Cincinnati/Dayton areas & looking for brow work – Studio Hue is the place to go! I just love following them on Instagram and swooning over all the brows. Erica and everyone on her team do such a wonderful job!





8401 Claude Thomas Rd Suite 1 | Franklin, OH 45005


1405 Republic St. | Cincinnati, OH 45202

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