Our Summer Ice Cream Escape with Homemade Brand Ice Cream

August 6, 2020

Ice Cream, Activities, Recipes, & More with Camp Homemade

Did you check out our summer IGTV series with Homemade Brand Ice Cream? Each week we visited camphomemade.com and explored the new campgrounds. We documented it and shared on Instagram. It was so awesome having something to spice up our week. Having our summer plans wrecked by Covid-19 & forced to stay in the house – Camp Homemade gave us something to look forward to – 7 weeks of fun activities! something to look forward to – 7 weeks of fun activities! 

Homemade Brand is a staple here in Cincinnati. If you have never heard their story definitely click to read. Even though Homemade Brand is now available and enjoyed in over 20 states, they still have the same simple approach they’ve always had: use the very best ingredients to make the very best ice cream. So, whether your favorite is a classic like Cookies ‘N Cream, a taste twirler like Cherry Cordial or a Seasonal Recipe Flavor like Peaches & Peaches, you’ll always get ice cream made with their utmost craftsmanship! 

If you missed my IGTV series – check it out here!  We shared recipes, activities, and more! We truly loved them all – but two of our favorites had to have been the paper boats from the Sea Salt Caramel Creek campground, and the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars from the Strawberry Fields campground. 

Good news for you: There’s still time to check out camphomemade.com to enjoy all the fun with your kiddos! The great thing is even after summer you can find all of these activities and more over at Homemade Brand’s Pinterest Page!

Homemade Brand is always sharing fun on their instagram account – so make sure to follow to stay in the know! 

Lastly, make sure to check out my previous blog post with Homemade Brand if you missed it – Homemade Brand Ice Cream Social.

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