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July 1, 2020

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I’ve been following Tablespoon Cooking Co. and their owner Jordan Hamons on social media for awhile now – check out tablespoon < here & follow along for yourself! I am always drooling over their yummy recipes! Jordan just posted a photo from their virtual Eggs Benedict class and it literally made me want to jump out of bed and hit the kitchen! My heart also explodes for how much Tablespoon Cooking Co. & Jordan do for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati! Tablespoon is an incredible local business and I am happy to share our Virtual Cooking Class date night with you all!

This Snack Mix Was

Because of the current state of Covid in Ohio – Jordan and the Tablespoon team got innovative & took their in class cooking formula digital! They typically host the classes at the Findlay Kitchen – but we all got to enjoy cooking safely in our own kitchens via Zoom!

Derrek and I scheduled our Taco Fiesta class as a date night. It was so nice to have time to ourselves, we haven’t been on a date in – – – I can’t even remember! We planned a “bro night” for the boys. They LOVED it! While we cooked dinner in the kitchen – Trev & Jax played video games and ate snacks in the game room! It was nice “going” on a date and not having to worry about childcare!

This street corn was incredible!

We had an absolute blast making the dinner – it was so nice and even for Tablespoon adjusting on the fly…they had everything run so smooth! Derrek picked up our ingredients safely from the Findlay Kitchen a few days before class. You get everything you need to create your meal – down to the salt! You also get cookie dough to make a yummy dessert! We logged into the zoom mtg Friday night and it was nice and easy to follow along! Jordan is incredible at teaching – I loved how they had multiple camera views of Jordan in the zoom call!

They also shared their Spotify playlist so you can jam out while you cook. This really set the mood and made it even more fun! We still listen to this playlist all the time – it’s a good one!

This class was so much fun and our food was incredible! Food is truly my love language. It was so nice to share that with Derrek in the kitchen – learning new skills and making new recipes together. Derrek helped so much & loved chopping up all the veggies. He actually sharpened my kitchen knives for me too 🙂

I love plating food 🙂

With things reopening – Tablespoon Cooking Co. is now doing safe, social distanced classes as well as the virtual classes. Make sure to follow on social and check out their website to stay up to date & schedule your class today!

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