Juice Without A Juicer: My Favorite Green Juice Recipe

May 21, 2020

A few months ago my dear friend Kathryn shared about making juice at home without a juicer. I was shocked – I had no idea. Since my juicer broke last year I had thought I was SOL. I then started using her technique and fell in love with juicing again – making this juice recipe everyday! Well – – – my pregnant clumsy self dropped the blender and broke it. I ordered this cute blender from Amazon and I could not be more happy to be back on my juicing routine! Today on the blog I am sharing my new cute blender and my absolute favorite juice recipe!

This blender is so perfect for making a personal juice! AND IT’S ON SALE! It even comes with a large bottle and lid for the adorable mason jar cup. It looks so cute on my kitchen counter! It also may look small – but it is mighty. It cuts through my frozen fruit like a dream! Follow me on Instagram to see even more ways I use this blender.

Ginger is a great way to help prevent morning sickness, reduce pain and inflammation, migraine relief, prevent cold and flu – – – and so much more!

Oil of oregano can help fight: bacterial infections, viruses, allergies, tumors…and more!

These are both great ingredients to add to your juice recipe to boost the health benefits!

What are your favorite juice recipes? Comment below and share!

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