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January 22, 2018

My day date with the hubs to Shake It Records & Chipotle.

I’ve had “take Derrek to Shake It” on my bucket list for the past couple ten years. We don’t get to go out on many dates…which I want to change this year.  It really doesn’t bother us though. We do spend “just us” time frequently. We typically put the boys to bed and enjoy a movie with snacks or listen to a record and play darts at home.

Today we decided to get out and get some new records for our collection. My parents gave me their entire collections a few years back…so we have a pretty hefty array of 60s-80s classics. There were a few new albums on my want list. Just like my taste in fashion, my taste in music is a little vintage and a little new.

The snow melted and I got to rock my new SheIn boots…with a thrift shop sweater. These boots were very comfortable FYI! Still holding up to my 5 stack review!

See my SheIn haul and review here!

I laughed finding good ol’ Green Day…my teen angst obsession.

Derrek said a hard No to West Side Story. He’s got a thing against musicals.

We love Shake It Records and highly recommend it. The atmosphere is just incredible.

Shake It Records

4156 Hamilton Ave # 1, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Mon-Thurs 10-8

Fri-Sat 10-9

Sunday 12-6



After shopping we wanted to stop for a quick dinner. We already lost track of time at the record store, I didn’t want to spend too much time away from the boys. (They were with my mom and dad)

Our favorite “fast food” when it’s just us, is Chipotle. We can go sit down and eat quick while feeling good about what we are putting in our bodies.

This is what we ended up getting:

I had Khalid on my wants list for awhile. I like investing in albums that are amazing from start to finish. Chris Stapleton is another album that is amazing.

Derrek really wanted Phil Collins. We love “In The Air Tonight”

I wanted this John Lennon album because it has my song to the boys, “beautiful boy” I sing it to them all the time. I knew they’d be so excited to hear it on the record player.

Are you on the vintage vinyl trend? Do you have a favorite local record store? What album do you recommend on vinyl?

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