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I spent the day with my mama at the pool. We used to spend so much time together there growing up. As we were laying out the new Backstreet Boys song was playing on the radio. If my 8 year old self knew 20 years later I’d be at the pool with my mom listening to a new Backstreet Boys jam…I’d been like “whatever with a twist!”

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DIY Family Fun guide

30 ways you can reuse a household item found in your bathroom:

So, I have used a new toothbrush everyday for the past month. Sounds a little crazy right? Yea. When I noticed there was a monthly subscription about daily toothbrushes I may have rolled my eyes…and then googled toothbrush germs…and then about gagged. Did you know, the average toothbrush can be home to more than 100 million types of bacteria?! I know, so gross…but your mouth is full of bacteria & your toothbrush probably wont make you sick…but I do have a convenient, affordable solution for you to step up your oral health! Raise your hand if you thought about a trash can full of toothbrushes? That’s where my mind went. So I put my DIY head to work and came up with 30 ways you could reuse those brushes instead of trashing them.

  1. Cleaning Bathroom/Kitchen sink
  2. Cracks and crevices in the shower/tub
  3. Woodwork dusting – this is a fun chore you can have the kids do!
  4. Shoes! (Check out how I used one to scrub Jax’s smelly shoes here)
  5. Jewelry
  6. Giving some extra love to stains after using spray n’ wash, before throwing something in the wash.
  7. Car seats
  8. Car vents/cup holders
  9. Cleaning crayon from walls is
  10. Cleaning out the lint trap of the dryer
  11. The shower head
  12. Dust out the vent of your hair dryer
  13. Cleaning the holes in the pasta strainer
  14. Inside the Keurig
  15. Cleaning the hard to reach spots of the whisks and spatulas
  16. Cleaning remotes and keyboards
  17. Windows and doors
  18. Picture frames
  19. Applying dry shampoo
  20. bracelets — check out the how to Here!
  21. splatter paint fun!
  22. they’re nice to keep handy for any staining or texture top coat art projects!
  23. Plant in the garden bristles down and use the handle to make garden labels
  24. Keep one in your make up supplies to tame brows
  25. Cleaning fingernails
  26. Unclump mascara
  27. Scrub fish tanks
  28. Coloring your hair at home? Use a toothbrush to apply color to your roots
  29. Cleaning baby/kids toys
  30. Bringing Velcro back to life

Check out the link above to learn more about Bright Brush and getting your hands on this really cool monthly subscription! It’s an affordable way to not only improve your dental hygiene…but give you a month worth of cleaning, fun, and recycling.

Follow Bright Brush on IG Here!

I hope this list inspired you. Creating it inspired me to start doing a little more deep cleaning myself!

Have a wonderful Sunday!






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Falling for Pink Blush


This beautiful weekend we've had in Cincinnati has inspired me to throw this outfit up on the blog. Fall is hands down my FAVORITE season for fashion…HANDS DOWN! Give me all the jeans/boots/sweaters! I'm literally counting down until fall/winter right now when I should be looking forward to my cruise next month. I'm thinking my new found work schedule may be swaying my love for the fall/winter months so much more! Working in a school I now get the same holiday schedule as the boys.

Can I get a snow day?!

image1 (1).JPG

I am leaving some fall inspo here for you to check out! I'm loving everything about this outfit. This top in incredibly soft and I love the print. Buy it here! I actually have the background on my phone as a floral print very similar. These jeggings are Gap, my favorite fall color: olive. These wedge booties are my favorite obsession. I wear them everywhere…even girls night out this Friday. They're as comfortable as slippers but look like I actually care what I look like out in public. Check them out here and shop Savvy Wool!


As I was putting this post together I was on Pink Blush getting links and decided to step back from fall and think about my upcoming trip. Be on the look out for more details on this adorable off the shoulder teal/floral number I just snagged. I will be stalking the mail man until it comes. Pink Blush is amazing…I'm warning you. You will not get clothes anywhere else once you feel how soft it all is.

Side note: washing is also very easy and everything is still just as comfortable and soft! Cold wash-hang dry!

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy the peace of the weekend as you prepare for another week ahead 🙂



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Savvy Wool OOTD – Special Sale!

Hey Y’all! 

I wanted to share with you my outfit today in honor of Savvy Wool’s discount code! They are giving 25% off today only with a special discount code (see below)…on top of their always FREE SHIPPING! 


Robin’s Egg Blouse


Canvas Seaside Slouchies


This top is amazing! I’ve worn it with regular basic blue jeans…olive and red. It looked amazing with every color! The shape is so fun and girly…but it’s so darn comfy! 


These shoes are my new summer favorite. The natural color goes with everything…not to mention they are so comfy also. Okay, if you can’t tell…I love looking put together but feeling like I’m not. 



^ Use this code at the check out so you can love on this outfit yourself…or anything and everything else on Savvy Wool! Everything is so adorable 🙂

Happy 4th of July weekend & happy shopping! 



Family Fun

Our Ji Chérir Family Photos

First off I want to say if you aren’t already aware…I absolutely love Instagram. 

Because of the IG I have met some seriously amazing women who continue to inspire me to be the best I can be! I know there is this “mean girls lunch table fight scene” stigma around women & success…but I’m here to tell you…it’s quite the opposite…or so I’ve found!



Christine, owner of Ji Chérir photography is one of those amazing women I’ve met thanks to Instagram! She is a total mom boss who is as sweet as can be. Here is a photo of her and the boys after the shoot. They literally chased her down for more hugs and goodbyes. Her photos are so dreamy. Christine would give me a sneak peak at her camera and my jaw would drop…I promise she had no magic wand…she’s just that good!

Check out: her webpage here! her Facebook here!

& go follow her on IG


I love checking out her work on Instagram! She even slides in photos of her little cutie pie baby boy who is almost ONE! *swoon*



We had so much fun during our family photo shoot. She caught real, intimate moments of us!


These “Mother of Dragons” photos warm my heart.


She totally got every photo I could dream of! She even got some lovely photos, my favorite photos, of Derrek & I!


Christine knew exactly how to shoot with the boys running and playing.


She captured each boy in their element!


& she even got some of me for the blog & IG!


Thank you Christine for our amazing day! We love our photos and they will be cherished forever! This was seriously one of the most quick, beautiful, enjoyable photo shots I have done! You got everything I could have wanted and so much more!

I can’t wait to work with Christine again! I really want to gift my parents a photo shoot and get some photos of them with the kids!

“photography is the memory of our lives”

Beauty guide

Mom & Me Time with Jord Watches – Giveaway

My mom is seriously my best friend. She is the strongest woman I know! At a young age she taught me to hold high the value of our time here on this Earth.


There was & still is nothing better than spending time with my mom. Time is treasure you can not measure, you must only make the most of it. I am the mother I am today because of her. I love you mommy. Happy Mother’s Day.


Time is a gift. It’s packaged in this beautiful box. We open it everyday as if it will always be there. We take time for granted. I am so guilty of living 10 spaces ahead of myself. I know what I am doing now, 3 weeks from now, I’m thinking 5 months from now, years from now. My mom has taught me to STOP…slow down…and live in the now. Live for today. It’s a tough one…the older I get the more I learn from my mom & the easier it becomes.


Time is strong, just like the zebrawood and emerald of this watch. Time waits for no man—or woman. It is strict and firm. Enjoy life…ride the waves…go with the flow! The emerald has long been the symbol of hope. Believe in yourself. You must work with time, not against it.

“How to stop time: kiss.

How to travel in time: read. 

How to escape time: music. 

How to feel time: write.

How to release time: breathe.”


This Jord watch is absolutely amazing! I have only just received it and have already been blown away with the amount of complements I’ve received. It is so unique! Ordering the watch was top notch. You get to print off a size guide and order to fit you perfectly. I absolutely love my one of a kind style watch! It’s a great reminder of the most treasured life lesson my mother taught me…don’t count the time, but making the time count.

To check out this beautiful Jord Zebrawood & Emerald watch visit the link below:


I want to thank Jord for collaborating with me on this beautiful Mother’s Day piece. They have been so kind to give one of my followers a $100 E Gift Code!

All other entrants receive a $25 E Gift Code.

Enter below now!

Best of luck!


(The contest will close May 21st at 11:59pm)

Shop the men’s collection:

Shop the women’s collection:




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February Favorites

It’s Sunday afternoon. This is where I wind down from the daily grind. Today was a cleaning day. I got some things checked off on my around the house to-do list. I’ve showered and now have my face mask on. I thought I’d get this blog piece together before I start on dinner.
(enjoy my snapchat photo above…don’t mind my eyebrow, no I’m not a UFC fighter…I just fell walking home after moms night out…let’s just say I’m not the most graceful of humans on a normal day…add in a little fireball and I’m walking like a sleep deprived toddler)
As I’m sitting here, I’m watching YouTube. I can never NOT multitask! Estee Lalonde is the queen of monthly favorites. Check out her videos here, she’s amazing! She is another one of those “we are friends in my head” kinda girls!
So I’m wanting to do a new series on here of my monthly favorites. I will include anything and everything I’ve been loving this month. I’ll also include some of the kids favorites! We love finding new things! I love sharing them with y’all!

so….without further ado…let’s get into it:

Kid stuff:

Snap & Shop – shopping cart snack tray

This adorable tray makes shopping with the kids so much easier! This trip to Sams was a game changer! The kids colored and snacked & I got to actually think while I was shopping! Heck yes! This is a favorite for the boys and mama too! I highly encourage mamas and dadas to order one asap. I wish I had this when the boys were even younger!


Milton – the mealtime companion

This little guy changed my kids forever. I’m still in shock! Read my in depth blog post on Cincinnati Family Magazine here.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Trolls – the movie

We absolutely love this movie. We constantly quote it and listen to the soundtrack in the car. Bridget is our favorite character!


Baby Boy Bakery – we cook it

Check out this mama and her amazing story. She turned tragedy into a monthly subscription to help families come together in the kitchen. We made a fun video of the homemade doughnut kit we got. watch it here!


Fashion and beauty:

This Agnes & Dora Skirt & Top – Shop Melyssa’s collection here!

I seriously can’t leave the house without getting complements about this skirt. I went on a date with Trevor yesterday. This was the perfect date outfit! I seriously received about 15 complements through out the day. The fabric of this top and skirt are just perfect and comfy! This skirt feels just as beautiful as it looks….drum-roll…pockets! It has amazing pockets!  I’m obsessed: dress it down with a graphic tee or jean jacket. (shout out to my photog: Trevor, shout out to my Agnes & Dora consultant: Melyssa)

Mario Badescu –whitening mask

This magic helps fade all of my dark spots! My skin is so sun damaged…hello freckles and fair skin! This mask feels amazing and makes my skin look so bright and fresh! My new favorite.


Colour Pop – ultra matte lips

Funny story…I’ve known about Colour pop for awhile but never pulled the trigger on a purchase…until now. I was watching The Bachelor and obsessing over Corrine’s lip colors. I paused the TV on a scene where she was applying her lip stick. I looked up all different types of lip products to compare the packaging…it looked to me like she was using Colour Pop. I ordered Trap, Midi, and Alyssa. Midi is what I believe Corrine uses…but I loved all of these shades…dusty rose nudes…love the formula too!!!

Eye Buy Direct – affordable prescription glasses

Okay, this one may be an obsession…I have 4 pairs. I recently added two more to my collection. With deals like BOGO and savings codes…you can not buy more!

P.S.Save $10 when you shop my link above!

I got all four of these for less than I’ve spent on one single pair at my local eye care shop! Insane!


Okay, I’m afraid this is getting too long. What do you think? I could go on and on into fitness, food, music, books,and more….let me know if you want to read a pt.2?

I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! This week ahead is going to be great, you got this!



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Heart eyes over at

♥ The BBtee just launched a whole new problem for my bank account! If you don’t know about The BBtee yet, where have you been? Living under a rock? Just kidding…find out what you’ve been missing with the newest obsessions in the shop!

I’ll take one of each please 🙂

Check out the new additions below…I’ve included links with purchase info as well.


Faith over Fear Tee

image_6aeaca50-f798-4dbf-a1cb-4787739eea03_2048x2048 (1).jpg





Girls want PIZZA

You want them all right?! The struggle is real! Happy Shopping 🙂


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Subscription Saturday – Fab Fit Fun (Fall)


It’s October 1st & you know what that means?! It’s Fall Y’all!

Yea, I always want to believe September 1st means fall but we are still sweating in the 90s until right before October. This Fab Fit Fun box encompasses everything you need for fall in one box! I’m talking plaid, coffee, body oil…and way more!! Let me also mention this Fall box is a steal…and it’s going fast. Hands down best box I’ve ever received! If you’ve been thinking about Fab Fit Fun…NOW is the time!


Alright, let’s jump right into it:


-This Modcloth scarf is to die for! I’m obsessed. These colors can transition from fall to the holidays with ease! It’s a great blanket scarf with so many different options to wear. I like doing the bandanna style or wrapping it around me like a blanket.

-These beauty products make me happy!

This palette retails for over $50 alone. It’s well worth it. The color pay off from these shades are stunning. I’ve always wanted to try a nude palette from Urban Decay but didn’t want to spend a fortune. I though this box was a steal, I not only got all this amazing stuff…but a dupe for an Urban Decay Palette! The brush it comes with is also amazing! My new favorite.

-I also received a clear brow gel. Amazing for setting my brows in place! #browgame

-They threw in some deodorant and cleansing wipes…perfect to throw in your gym bag! I think I found my new favorite deodorant!


-Speaking of gym, I got these awesome toe socks! Perfect for Pilates and Yoga. Inspired me to get back at it this fall!


-Give me all the skin care! This French Lavender Body Oil is amazing!! I use the Beyond Cleansing body sponge in the shower (a gentle exfoliate! Must have for fall/winter dry skin!) then apply the body oil once I get out of the shower. My skin feels great!

I’m excited to try the restoring night serum. I’m waiting for my face to calm down after a big breakout before I add anything new to my routine.


-Coloring book & colored pencils? Yes please! A great way to relax! I like coloring with the kids and now I don’t have to color my 100th Minion. This book has fun pictures of dream catchers, high heels, etc. You can even color this month’s Fab Fit Fun Box!


-Last but certainly not least, this adorable coffee cup! I love taking coffee on the go, and this is my new favorite cup. I love black and gold & who doesn’t love a little positive affirmation in the morning!


This box has a value of over $241! You can get all of this for only $49.99. Follow my link above to order. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it!

-Enjoy your fabulous fall weekend!