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How To Perfect Your Instagram Bio

If you're wanting to: gain a following snag brand deals overall - stand out from the crowd your first impression on the internet is your Instagram bio! So here's a few of my tips/tricks/insights to make your first impression strong & stand out! Remember you only have 150 characters and one clickable link - so you have to make it count!…

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Wisdom From A Self Deprecating Blogger

I have frequently been asked to share my story & tips/tricks for blogging. This is something I'd absolutely love to share, I love helping others succeed! I have just been so perplexed on how to even cover this topic. I have always felt as if I wasn't qualified to talk about it. I had to "make it" before I could give advice. Like maybe I wasn't aloud to write about "how to blog" until I had a certain amount of…

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