Five Ways To Kick Start Your Fitness Routine!

September 14, 2018


The Cincinnati fitness scene is something special! We really are so lucky. There is something for everyone here. I have been really trying to find my grove lately and get into a routine that works for me and my needs. In today’s post I’m sharing 5 tips that really helped motivate me to get my booty in gear!

Before you kick start anything…you have to find your why.

Upcoming vacation?

Self Care?

Drop some lbs?

Tone up?

Meet new people?

Got it? Ight. Now whatever it is (big or small) remember it whenever you think about skipping class or skipping the last rep!

Cincinnati fitness scene or not – here’s five way’s to turn that why into why not:

1) Do It With A Friend

It’s funny right? We are so quick to let ourselves down. We wake up early to workout, hit the snooze and think “nah, I’ll go tonight!” Tonight comes, we get home from work and think “nah, I’ll go tomorrow!” THE VICIOUS CYCLE! But let me tell you…when you have a 6AM workout class and a friend on their way to pick you up…you jump out of bed, get dressed, and get out the door before you know what even happened!

Not to mention, it’s nice having a friend to side eye when the instructor says “hold for 8!” It’s also fun to laugh with someone as you wobble back to the car with your sore legs.

2) Schedule Your Classes First – Plan Around It – I Promise You Will Have Time 

I’ve been diving into The Barre Code this month and I’m not going to lie It’s been a little hard. With August being an insane month of back to school and work…I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants. When I started I thought, “I probably won’t have much time!” But guess what? When you make something a priority, you find time! I absolutely love The Barre Code and I love the way my mind feels when I get to class.

Schedule your classes first and then plan the other life things around it. It makes a world of difference and changes your mindset! I absolutely love the MINDBODY app I use to schedule barre code. I schedule my week, press the confirm button, and make it work!

3) Forget That Scale – Weigh Your Mind

I did not have a “goal weight” in mind. Jumping back into fitness I just wanted to feel better. I’ve been extremely stressed at work…hair falling out, no appetite…STRESSED! Four weeks of Barre Code and I am feeling better than ever! Happy to report my hair is no longer falling out! I go each day because of the way class makes me feel. The barre instructors are fabulous. They have this way of making each class feel like therapy, and it’s so genuine!

You connect with your mind. You breathe deep and feel stronger than you thought you could be. With all the mindfulness, I kind of forgot that I was coming there to work out? I know this sounds crazy but it’s a totally different experience than going to the gym. The inches lost, the muscle gained…is like a bonus! And because I’m not anticipating or obsessing over it? It feels that much more amazing when pants that didn’t fit me before are big!

4) Just Do It

If you wait until you’re “ready” for anything…you’ll never begin. I laugh when people say things like “I’m not ready for kids” …like belly laugh. I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest. But you know what? I did it because I had no other choice. No one is ever “ready” to have kids…19, 35, 42…age doesn’t bring you readiness…opportunity does.

Sign up, schedule the classes, go. Like parenting, you’ll figure it out. You’ll find your grove. You’ll wonder how you ever lived your life before fitness. Just like I wonder what I did with my life before kids?

5) Love Yourself

Don’t be hard on yourself…show all the love! Be proud. Smile. Laugh. Throw your hands up and shout “I feel good!” – “I look good!” -“I am good!!” We are like plants. Give yourself some sunlight, water, and positive vibes…you’ll be shook to see how much it makes you grow!!

The month of August Layla and I dove head first into The Barre Code. If you’re like 75% of the people I tell…when I say I’m taking Barre classes…they say “and Barre is ballet?” Barre is built on the principles of cardio, strength, and restoration. You do use the ballet barre and it incorporates movements derived from ballet. The Barre Code goes beyond the barre, with classes ranging from cardio kickboxing to full mind & body restoration.

If you’re in the Cincinnati area, I highly suggest The Barre Code Cincinnati – It has been incredible! I’ve done a lot of different things..working out at home with dvds, going to big gyms to do my own thing…but this has been my absolute favorite! Stay updated on The Barre Code events/sales/challenges by following them here on Facebook and here on Instagram.

Michelle who owns the Cincinnati fitness studio is seriously a ray of light. I love following their social media accounts for her inspiration and motivation.


Looking for another Cincinnati fitness program focused on mamas?

I’ve also checked out the Cincinnati Fit4Mom Body Back Program and wrote a full review.

Check it out here.

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