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Battle Of The Tumblers

This week my husband is guest posting on my blog! He is sharing his thoughts on two awesome tumblers….with extremely different cost points! Read it HERE!!
What’s your favorite cup of choice?
Love from,

fashion thoughts

The. Most. Dramatic. Rose. Ceremony. Ever.

Derrek and I took a little hike yesterday to the property. I love going there on Sundays to be one with nature. I guess that’s my church. It’s so much more fun in the spring & summer! We ride dirt bikes, jump on the trampoline, play and laugh. I don’t like winter. Today was a little warmer than it has been so I actually did enjoy it. Derrek and I walked on the frozen creek. It really was beautiful!

I’ve been such a couch potato this winter. You can usually find me bundled up binge watching Greys or Friends. And now that Bachelor is back…game over.
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The Cat’s Meow

Here comes this weeks 5 faves (a little late, keeping with the theme of my week):

5) Podcasts
So I don’t like silence…it creeps me out. In the car with the boys we’ve been listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. When I’m in the car alone I discover new music or enjoy old favorites…usually finding one I just can’t get off of repeat and keep performing it until I’m ready to audition for American Idol. At work I am a data entry specialist. It’s very tedious and quiet. I like to save my employees and not risk giving them a breakout performance so I listen to podcasts at work (see above a few of my favorites that I highly recommend) Although I’m not a big bachelorette/bachelor fan…I somehow gravitate towards that franchises podcasts. They’re so good and relevant. Do you listen to podcasts? Let me know what you love!!

4) Sloths & The Cincinnati Zoo
So if you know me, and if you don’t, you do know I love sloths! Like cry tears of joy when I just see pictures of their little furry faces. I adopted the sloth at our local zoo while they were running a contest randomly picking an adoptive parent to meet Moe the sloth. Guess who won? Your girl! I am so in love with The Cincinnati Zoo and Moe the two toed sloth. The Cincinnati Zoo does so much to help these animals thrive and educate visitors. I’m happy to be an adoptive parent & I can’t wait to meet Moe and cry my mascara off.

3) My New Air Fryer
This thing is bad ass—and will probably cause me to get an even fatter ass. Derrek surprised me with an early Christmas present this weekend (really it’s a gift for him too!) This air fryer is amazing. The possibilities are endless. Follow along with me on IG and I’ll share recipes and meal ideas! Anyone else have one? Have any recipes you recommend?

2) Ohio Maker Mart
I’m so excited for this event on December 3rd! I absolutely love shopping small. I can’t wait to find some real unique Christmas gifts for my loved ones. Check it out, you won’t want to miss it!! What’s your favorite gift you’ve been given?

1) Trevor reading!
Hands down…numero uno…Trevor reading! He has been reading for awhile now, but his confidence lately has soared. I’m so proud of him! Not to mention, now I get read to vs me doing all the work! I know this is just the beginning of all the things Trevor will do to make me proud…but for right now I am enjoying all the pajama snuggles, book reading, giggling, silly voices, and heart warming stories!!
Thanks guys for tuning in to my weekly round up! Let me know what you think or things I should do/see/try next week!!


A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hey Everyone!!
I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA. I got stuck on a cruise ship for 2 weeks last month (thanks Irma!) and my brain only just now retuned.
Let me know if you’re interested in a cruise blog post. I am not going to lie 💁🏼 it was mostly Groundhog Day of drinking and laying in the sun…but it also had some great stories.
I’m back at the blog and I’m going to be rolling out a weekly post sharing my top 5, my best bets, my favorite things from the previous week!
Let’s dive right in:
5) Blooms & Berries Monday I had the day off with the boys. We went to our favorite pumpkin patch, Blooms & Berries. The boys had an absolute blast and I picked up some yummy strawberry salsa! We did the corn maze and rode the wagon out to the pumpkin patch. We went with our cousin Kelsey who the boys admire dearly. This was our second year in a row going all together. I’m loving this new tradition.
4) Stay Golden I ordered this “Stay Golden” tee from TRU_MAN_BRAND. I seen it on IG and had to have it. My first thought was my love for The Golden Girls & then I thought of the quote from The Outsiders. Either way, the words “Stay Golden” are some great words to live by!
3) Girl Power
Wednesday we had a wonderful “wine about it” meeting. I started this group a few months back. We get together, drink wine, and lift each other up. I absolutely love meeting with a bunch of bad ass babes once a month to wine about life, laugh, and love. Getting us all together might be dangerous…I come back home full of GIRL POWER ready to concur the world!
Here’s a list of my favorite Girl Power songs that totally give me all the power feels:
1 None Of Your Business – Salt N’ Pepa
2 Bad Girls – M.I.A.
3 F**kin Perfect – Pink
4 Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
5 Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce
*if you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to join us for our monthly “meeting” please don’t hesitate to reach out for details!
2) Tamps
Random. I know. But I found these tampons at target this week that I picked up for many reasons: a) I’m a sucker for packaging b) organic c) price was comparable or cheaper than others d) every package bought = a package donated to girls who may not have the means for tampons in other countries. Not much more to say—all around amazing!
1) Incline Public House I named the restaurant as my number one, but my dinner guest really made the night! I met up with my sweet friend from grade school. Kelly and I are the perfect dinner dates. We have the same taste in food so we get to share everything! We drank and laughed over spicy pickles and a fig prosciutto feta pizza. The Incline House has an amazing view! Looking out to see the entire city is just breathtaking. It makes you stop and really soak in the moment. Life can be really tough…like really tough. We don’t have answers to everything…but what we do have is each other! Spending time with Kelly made my heart full. I love you sweet friend!
Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead. Let me know what you think of this new series! What was your favorite thing from last week?
Love ya babes,

Family Fun fashion thoughts

The BEST gift you can give children-TIME!

I recently got together with my friends and their little ones to celebrate my Jax’s birthday. As a friend group we have SEVEN boys! We joke and say the first one to have a girl will be kicked out and can’t be friends with us anymore lol That hypothetical girl will actually be the most protected…seven boys to have her back!
Now that we are all growing older and raising our children we don’t see each other as much as we used to. We used to be together every weekend! Time passes by and having kids keeps us busy, but when we do all get together it’s like no time passes. Seeing our kids laugh and play warms our hearts. Time spent laughing over pizza and beer is now spent laughing over baby giggles and toddler stories…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I wanted to  get the newest little ones a little something to represent that gift of time and my love of fashion…what’s better than a baby watch?! I found these adorable cotton bracelets designed to look like a wrist watch. I thought this was the coolest thing. I wish I found these when my boys were little. They’re perfect for them to chew on and they look adorable with little outfits! The boys loved them and rock them all the time. I wish there was a little girl in our group, because the girl watches are just as adorable!
Baby Watch Bracelet Mockup Vertical- CircularWhat is the best gift you can give your children & your friends children? TIME! Be there. Show up. Give hugs/kisses.  Double tap that picture of them with their sweet grin as you’re scrolling though social media. Give high fives. Listen to them talk. Look at them in the eyes. Hold their hands. Pick them up. Take pictures. Play toss. Because before you know it, you’re at their high school graduation, their wedding…and you’ll wish you’d had more time.
image1 (2)
image1 (3).JPG
Looking for the perfect gift to give a little in your life? Besides your time, this Babys Watch is the perfect gift. There are both boy & girl prints. You can even have it sent in a gift box. Shop their collection here!!
Don’t let days turn into months, into years…time is all you have, and time is all you need.

Family Fun thoughts

Planting The Seeds Of Learning

A Day In The Life: Montessori Summer Camp Preschooler

I Was So Lucky To Spend The First Day Of Summer Camp With Jax At

Children’s Meeting House

Read More About Our Day Below

Watch Our VideoHere!


7:30 AM

Poor Trevor woke up sick with strep throat his first day of camp. He spent the day with daddy and antibiotics. Jax and I left Trevor with “get well soon” prayers, packed our lunches, slathered on the SPF and hit the road. We were off to spend our first day at The Children’s Meeting House summer camp. The Children’s Meeting House is a Montessori school located on seven acres in beautiful Loveland, Ohio.

“At CMH, students are encouraged to explore and discover for themselves – innate desires we constantly, consistently support throughout their journey here. They learn how to make decisions, solve problems and navigate choices; manage their time, work independently and collaborate with others. They exchange ideas, mentor each other and lead discussion – lifelong skills for success formed early and unforgettably.”

8:15 AM

As we walked up I could feel Jax begin to hide behind my legs. (He’s my shy guy) I leaned in and let him know this was not only brand new for him, but mama too! As a child I never attended summer camp.With tiny hands clinging to my leg I said, “It’s okay to be nervous, but we are going to have such a wonderful day, I promise!”

We were instantly welcomed by the teachers and tiny campers!

8:30 AM

We lined up and headed into the school & down to the preschool classroom.

I was interrogated by my little class mates:

“what is your name?”

“are you his mom?”

“why are you staying with us today?”

After I answered all of their initial questions the kids quickly welcomed me as one of their own!

9:00 AM

At circle time our teacher told us this week’s theme was “How does your garden grow.” She showed us an experiment with daisies and food coloring in their water.


After circle time and introductions we were encouraged find “work.”

From what I could observe, Jax and I were the only Montessori newbies.

Our new friends were amazing teachers!

They knew the ropes and were very kind to inform us of the classroom rules:

  • choose any type of work you’d like & take it back to a desk or rug
  • 2 children are aloud to work together at a time
  • clean up after your work, put everything away where it belongs, and then push in your chair or roll up your rug

It was incredible to see the children so independent, respectful, and helpful!

There were so many fun projects to choose from to work on. Jax chose a fun basket of wooden fruit to play “cut” on a chopping board. This was his favorite work at camp. He always came back to it. He also enjoyed the sorting work.

Being able to freely work on activities of his own choice in a classroom setting was a great experience to watch. I could see his independence and creativity come together hand-in-hand!


While we did our work, our teacher took pairs of children to work on their flower pots.

10:00 AM 

Story time and snack. We joined together in the circle. After a few fun songs—Jax eagerly sang and danced with his new friends—Our fabulous teacher read a fun story about dandelions while enjoying a snack.

11:00 AM 

After our fun circle time and doing some work, it was time to head outside! The moment I’ve been waiting for! The park was a blast. It was such a beautiful day. The kids run and play to burn off some steam before lunch.




11:30 AM 

We washed our hands and headed to Lunch! Jax and I enjoyed our turkey sandwiches while he chatted with new friends.J ax being a little brother automatically sat down with all of the boys around Trevor’s age. They welcomed him with lots of boy conversation.

12:00 PM

We headed back to our class room. We went back to work on some play dough until it was our turn to create our flower pot! Jax really loved this part! He got to wear gardening gloves and plant his seeds! (Jax brought it home Friday & it is already sprouting!)


1:00 PM 

Circle time again! We got together for another story and snack. We then worked on creating DIY watering cans out of milk jugs. After creating our cans, we filled them up. We lined up to head outside. We walked around the campus to water the flowers and plants. I absolutely loved how much time was spent outside.


2:30 PM

We headed outside for a popsicle and play time. We had so much fun. Jax did not want to leave. We left at 3:00 but after care is available until 5:30!



Jax and I had a blast at camp. This was such a special day that I am so happy to have shared with my little one and his new friends. Trevor was feeling better and got to attend camp the next day. Almost two weeks in and I am truly seeing how happy they are. When I get home from work they have smiles on their faces ready to tell me about new friends and outdoor adventures. I am feeling very blessed! Trevor is totally loving the drama camp this week! Jax is loving learning more about dinosaurs.




Spending a day as a preschooler in a Montessori school was a blast! I learned so much and crave an even deeper understanding of Montessori education.

To find out more about the Children’s Meeting House visit them at

Thank you CMH for such a wonderful experience! Your hands on learning has been lovely for my boys. I look forward to watching as their love for learning deepens as the summer camp progresses!

Children’s Meeting House
927 O’Bannonville Road
Loveland, OH 45140