Dear 2016, take a hike. 

January 2, 2017

I haven’t been myself since I had surgery back in November. (I had an endometrial mass removed) I was terrified of re-opening the incision so I took it easy. By “take it easy” I mean, I haven’t worked out since November! Surgery turned into Thanksgiving & that turned into Christmas. My booty has never been more acquainted with the couch. My jeans are screaming at me! So I’m finally pulling myself out of this winter hibernation to get back to myself.

We went to Sharon Woods this afternoon for a beautiful hike. It’s a nice 54 degree, cloudy, December day. The ground was soft from this mornings rain. My oldest enjoyed the scenery while playing Pokémon Go. Now that the ap has been updated, it’s cool again in my house. — Pokémon Go may have been the best thing to come out of 2016. We loved playing this summer. It brought us to Sharon Woods 3x a week for daily hikes searching for their high number of Pokémon. My youngest showered me with the most beautiful rocks and leaves. Every time he finds the perfect one, he gets so excited and gives it to me. My boys love seeing all of the new Christmas puppies out for walks with their families, they say hello to each and every dog we see. Sharon woods has some amazing water falls and a gorgeous lake. It’s one of our favorite of the Hamilton County  Parks.

Hiking with my family feeds my soul unlike anything else. I absolutely love nature. I love being outside. I love sharing that with my family. Even on a cloudy, overcast day…It’s one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen. My boys loved waving to the strangers & wishing them a “happy new year!” I love a new year. A fresh book, ready to be filled with stories. One resolution of mine: more hikes, less couch.

Hiking in Ohio & Northern Kentucky?

Check out Cincinnati Family Magazine’s January Issue for an amazing list.

I just might be checking each one off as 2017 goes!

So goodbye 2016, take a hike!

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