#Crunchout With Carrots

March 18, 2020

Last week I took a day to go “orange” with the California Crunch Crunch Crunch Council. I signed off social media and said goodbye to technology for the day. It was absolutely incredible – refreshing! I decided to get the little ones involved too! We picked a Friday they had a scheduled day off school and we all put the phones, tablets, and TVs away. We crunched out on carrots and truly left the chaos behind! 

Right before our social media/technology break true chaos had hit our country, the thick of the coronavirus outbreak frenzy. We live in Ohio where we had just found out the night before the governor had shut the schools down until further notice. Social media was in an uproar over toilet paper and empty grocery shelves. It was extremely overwhelming & honestly toxic. Scheduling a day away from social media Friday could not have been better planned. 

The day felt so long! It felt so precious. At breakfast Trevor looked through our record collection to find one of my dad’s records – Trevor loves Led Zeppelin (thank you Thor lol) & he was so excited to listen to his grandpa’s record on the record player like Pawpaw used to do. 

We read books, played outside twice, played board games, I even got in a nap & the day still felt 10x longer than it typically does! I got to have great conversations with the boys about the current situation with the world. How staying home will keep us and others safe. How enjoying crunchy carrots daily will boost our immune systems!

Carrots contain antioxidants, which help your body fight free radicals, cell damage, and inflammation. Vitamin C in carrot juice also provides an immune system boost, helping you get through cold and flu season!! We made sure to add carrots to our lunch & drink carrot juice. 

Have you ever signed off of social media in need of a break? Planning to do so in the near future? It’s a wonderful way to detox your mind, body, and spirit! Just make sure you have plenty of carrots to log off with 🥕

Did you catch my latest carrot recipe?! Don’t forget to give it a taste! Oh and don’t miss our latest family announcement!

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