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February 13, 2017

Today was very productive day after a week of event planning. I caught up on laundry and cleaned the entire house. The hubby and I watched the third Divergent movie while putting clothes away. The boys even got their room cleaned. Trevor did his daily chores and Jax got in a nap all before 3:00! We decided to head outside for a hike. It was such a nice day. We’ve had a really wonderful weekend when it comes to weather. Yesterday was in the 60s! We spent yesterday at Camp Fair, the magazine’s annual event showcasing camps from the Tri-state area & beyond! It was amazing. Check me out at Camp Fair with my friend Simon below!

Last year I attended Camp Fair as an attendee. I just had my first interview with the company. I remember hoping and praying for this job. I never wanted something more in my life. Last year I was working from home, providing in home daycare to local families. I absolutely loved my daycare kids…just like they were my own! I miss them everyday!  Not to mention, I got to wear pajamas as a uniform! Although I got to stay home with the boys, the downside to it all was I was always stuck in the house & planning my days around 7 other families schedules. I wasn’t looking to return to work, but I happened to see a Facebook post from Cincinnati Family Magazine looking for a mom who wanted to take care her family and work a flexible sales job. —Hello 🙋🏼 this girl! With very little sales experience, no college education, and a 2 year lull on my resume…I emailed my resume into the publisher. I believed I could do it just as well as anyone else.
A year later & here I am…almost a full year in working the most amazing, flexible, creative job that makes my heart explode with joy…most days! When I got hired I was told, on paper, I was the least qualified who applied…my confidence combined with prayers, positivity, and good vibes must have been visible to my publisher. He said he believed in me & that’s why I got the job over anyone else. I believed in myself so hard I made someone else believe in me too…that’s just magical!
Life is kind of like a series of casting spells. You see what you want, keep your eye on the prize, a swish and a flick of your magic wand (hustle hard), the right magic words (positive affirmations)…and just like that…we can make our dreams come true!
We are the wizards of our destiny. The power is in our hands…our minds.
On our hike today Trevor found a pretty cool stick. I told him it looked just like Harry Potter’s wand! “Who is Harry Potter?”, Trevor asked. .”> After looking at him like he was a 3 headed dog…I said “My tiny muggle, it is now time.” We are all snuggled up watching Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time as a family. Trevor has his magic wand in hand while he giggles at the chocolate frog jumping to conclusions out of the train.
re you are in life today, you CAN be exactly where you want to be…it might not be as quick as casting a spell with a wand… but <b
you believe it and you can achieve it!

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