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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Last week the boys, Derrek, and I headed to Freddy’s for dinner. We were so excited to see Layla of @laylaliving and Heather of @foodhussy! We were invited to the Amelia location to learn about the restaurant and a new surprise coming to the menu. The cat is out of the bag now, or shall I say the curds are out….WHITE CHEDDAR CHEESE CURDS! Now, I’ve never heard of cheese curds before this dinner. We ordered them and fell in love! They were like little perfect, fried cheese balls! So you can’t go wrong with fried cheese…I highly suggest you get them next time you head to Freddy’s!
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Family Fun Food

Coming Soon: Alexander's Market And Deli

A few weeks back I was invited to dinner at a new deli in Hamilton. Jax and I hopped in the car and headed over after work. I’m not too familiar with Hamilton, so this area was all new to me. The location of this resturant is beautiful! It’s like a mini-downtown Cincinnati! I will be back for more Alexander’s and to take blog photos (the streets are perfect!)
Family Fun Food


This family loves food, who knew? We are are also always on the go and looking for snacks we can pack while out and about. I don’t like to compromise our health for convenience of a snack, but it is a hard find!

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The Battle of The Açaí

I love a good Acai bowl! I use the frozen Açaí packets and top with banana, strawberry, chia seeds, granola, kiwi, and more! I was getting the Sambazon Açaí pure. I got it at Whole Foods and only recently found it at Kroger/Meijer.

The Sambazon Facts

4 ct.
3.5 oz

Trader Joe’s Facts

4 ct.
3.5 oz
So based on the facts, the two are very similar…besides price. How did they compare taste wise? I really didn’t taste a difference. I truly enjoyed the Trader Joe’s pure as much as the Sambazon. The price is really what makes me turn more towards the Trader Joes product. To be able to save a couple bucks, I’ll be getting my Açaí at Trader Joes. I hope if you love açaí you can save a few dollars switching to Trader Joe’s brand also!
What do you put in your Açaí bowls? Let me know!
love from,

Family Fun Food

My Favorite Breakfast

This is my favorite “easy like Sunday morning” breakfast. I just love enjoying my açaí bowl and reading a magazine…no rush!

I thought I’d show you guys how I make my açaí bowl here on the blog.

I get my Açaí in this frozen package. I know you can get it at Whole Foods or Kroger.
1) I take one individual package and run under a little warm water. You want to be careful not to completely melt it. I add one lightly thawed package and 2/3 banana to a blender.
2) Pour your mixture in a bowl and get ready to top it!
3) I use the leftover banana and a couple sliced strawberries. Sometimes I do just granola. Sometimes I do just chia seeds. Sometimes I do both!

I’m loving this Whirly Granola right now (Cincinnati made)
4) Enjoy!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I hope you’re able to take time to enjoy your breakfast and relax 🙂
Love from,

Family Fun Food

Doughnut Mind If I Do

I wanted to bring you guys a fashion post today…but going with the theme of my life recently…I am bringing you food 🤤

We decided to get out of the house and take a road trip to the Eastside for doughnuts Sunday! Ever since I heard of a local doughnut shop called “Marcella’s” I’ve been dying to go. My sweet grandma’s name was Marcella. She is terribly missed. Marcella is such a unique, lovely name. Whenever I hear it I stop dead in my tracks.

As I looked up the GPS to our closest location, I noticed the reviews…one after another 5 star raving review! How have I not heard of it before?!

The boys and I agree with all of the 5 star reviews! These doughnuts were THE BEST! These doughnuts are gourmet & at the same time taste like they were made in a small kitchen with love.

We each picked one:

Trevor-Red Velvet

Jax-Pink Sprinkles

Derrek-Strawberry Crumb


There’s something that makes you feel so good about shopping a small business…something you’ll never feel going through Dunkin’ Doughnuts drive through. We ended up getting a dozen to bring back to grandma and grandpa!

When you decide to go on a family doughnut run or surprise your family or coworkers with treats…go to Marcella’s…or go to your favorite small-local bakery. You won’t regret it!


Mt. Carmel


Check out their locations

or even

Order Online!

We hope you have a wonderful week! Donut worry, be happy!



Family Fun Food


Chipotle is passionate about more than just perfectly rolled burritos, it is also
committed to cultivating nourished minds and communities, and one of the best ways to
do that is through Chipotle Reading Rewards – the annual program that rewards book
smarts with delicious food crafted from real, whole ingredients. 

Now through Feb. 28, Chipotle is accepting educators’ and librarians’ applications for
its Reading Rewards program, which can be added to an existing reading program, or
Chipotle can provide schools with turnkey resources to kick start their own.

To apply for the Chipotle Reading Rewards program, teachers and librarians can visit Each school or library may only apply for Chipotle Reading Rewards once per calendar year. Applicants should be prepared to use a valid school or library email address and request the cards to ship directly to the school or library district.

Make sure to share with your friends and family!
Who doesn’t want to be rewarded with Chipotle!?
Speaking of Chipotle…I’m off to order a burrito bowl 🙂

Chipotle is committed to making its food more accessible to everyone. Ordering
through the Chipotle app or website is easier than ever before, and now you can get
your food faster with delivery from DoorDash – my favorite app! 

Family Fun Food

Baby Boy Bakery – April Box



We spent our Sunday afternoon making number cookies from our April Baby Boy Bakery Box. We played outside and enjoyed the beautiful spring day 🙂



Check out the Baby Boy Bakery “we cook kit” right here!

We love cooking together. These Baby Boy Bakery boxes are so much fun! Baby Boy Bakery loved our doughnut video so much, watch here, they sent us the April box!