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February 27, 2020

It’s the end of February and we are so excited to have returned to Bear Paddle for swim lessons! Last year we spent our spring at Bear Paddle and took a break during the summer. With busy summer schedules and our local pool opening it just made sense for us to trade our Friday night classes for Friday nights at the outdoor pool! Our swim lesson hiatus lasted longer than we expected – but we are so happy to be back just in time to get them swim ready for another summer!


They have a really great open schedule for swim lessons. We swim 1x per week with 30 minute classes. Even with both boys in different levels – I am able to get them in at the same time! We love doing week night evening classes. It’s great to swim after we’ve completed homework and dinner. Our class is right before bedtime. It’s nice because the boys can swim and get all their energy out. After class we take advantage of Bear Paddle’s great locker room! They have huge family showers where I can stand in the shower with the boys and supervise without getting wet. Then we can dry our trunks with their swimsuit dyer machines. The boys love helping me do this! We get our PJs on & dry our hair before heading out! Then we are all ready to brush our teeth & get to bed where the boys can dream about swimming!


Last spring the boys grew leaps and bounds at Bear Paddle. It felt like Trevor was constantly graduating to another level and learning a new skill. Seeing his confidence soar with each lesson made my heart explode. The confidence that he soaks up at Bear Paddle not only applies to swimming. It transfers into his daily life: at school, as a brother, at home, as a friend. Back at swim Trevor’s instructor was very impressed with how well he did after such a long break! I am so excited to see him thrive inside and outside of the pool!


My sweet little Jax. With having mild cerebral palsy, he has some sensory issues. When we first started Bear Paddle in 2018 he would cry every bath! He did not like his hair washed and water in his face! It was traumatic for us both! After a few lessons that all stopped – it was a blessing! He is still a little unsure about putting his face in the water. He is not quite like the other kids in his class who just jump right in face first – but he absolutely lovvvvveees classes and enjoys swimming! I know that one day he will get there, with Bear Paddle. The instructors are so incredibly sweet, encouraging and nurturing!


Bear Paddle offers seasonal swim camps that help boost swim potential! Trevor and Jax did swim camp last spring during their spring break. It was a blast! It was a great way to spend our spring break and boost their swim skills before summer.


Bear Paddle is hosting a ton of new, fun events! These are great ways to come visit the location, enjoy a family swim, and get to meet the staff! There’s actually a FREE event happening February 29th! To celebrate the leap year, Bear Paddle is hosting a Leap Splash party! There will be: a reptile show, family swim, snacks & crafts! We will be attending at our local Bear Paddle. We can’t wait! RSVP TODAY! 

and stay tuned for more future event information to come!

Spring is a great time to begin lessons before summer! Your little ones will be beaming with confidence by the time the pool opens.

Now it’s time for you to sign up for your complimentary swim lesson ! Get in there and see the amazing experience Bear Paddle offers yourself!

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