I Tried It: Walmart Grocery Pick Up

October 22, 2018

As much as I love doing the majority of my dinner shopping at Trader Joe’s, we do have to get a lot of stuff at Kroger, Meijer, etc.

Did you know Walmart has FREE grocery pick up?

In the past we have done the Kroger click list. There is a fee associated with the Kroger service, so when I heard Walmart was free I thought I’d check it out.

Here are my thoughts:


Shopping online was really easy. In fact, shopping online with Walmart was easier than Kroger! I don’t know what it is. The website is friendly. The photos are large. Walmart has their items organized amazingly. Some are even called “one pot meals” or “fall deserts.” It’s a one stop shop for you to see all the ingredients needed and add them right there. Genius.

I also felt like their selection was great. I even picked up the glass baking pan I needed and some Halloween decorations. They had everything from living room lamps to blow up lawn Halloween decorations. Their rollback items were also priced great! I’ve always thought Walmart had great prices or selection, I think this is a great way to avoid the chaos or slow check out lanes that come with it.

Pick Up

So I downloaded the app. It said it will alert me when to check in. We checked in as we drove down the street. Once we pulled up the process was so easy! We had a few substitutions for items that were out of stock. You get the chance to approve them before they load up your trunk. All of the substitutions were just fine with me! Our shopper let us know that they actually upgrade you – but you still pay the same!

And that was the easiest thing ever! Oh, and guess what? Your first time picking up you get a gift bag! Our gift bag had toilet paper, wipes, tissues, rice, and a hot wheel for the boys!

Enjoy $10 off of your Walmart Grocery Pick Up Order Today!

Happy Shopping – from the comfort of your home!

*I was reimbursed for my grocery trip to share a photo on my Instagram account, however, I am writing this review on my blog because I genuinely wanted to! I enjoyed this experience so much and wanted to share it with you along with the discount code!

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