A Day Out With Thomas

May 25, 2017

How we made a day trip out of our “Day Out With Thomas” train ride adventure! 

Last summer we drove over to Connersville, Indiana for a fun Day Out With Thomas train ride! We had a little 45 minute drive so I decided to surprise the boys and make a day trip out of it! You’ll find everything you need in this blog to create a jam packed adventure of a day trip!


We hit the road about 9:00am with our Thomas books in hand! The boys were so excited for our trip.

First stop on mommy’s surprise: stop by the Old National Road Welcome Center for our Chocolate Trail passports! I Incorporated this fun scavenger hunt into our entire day. The passport has a list of local stops you can visit for a chocolate treat—for free!


First stop had to be doughnuts for breakfast of course! We went to this really cute doughnut shop on our list called Square Doughnuts! They were so delicious, perfect kick off to our day!

Next on our list: Ice Cream at Ullery’s Homemade Ice cream

I loved this cute little shop! The atmosphere was so cool and homegrown!


Chocolate Trail timeout for a visit to the Veteran’s Memorial Park  & to have some fun at the Joseph Moore Museum! 


The park was an absolute beautiful tribute to the veterans who served their country. We enjoyed taking a time out from the day to show our love and peace for the men and women who gave us the life we live today.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

The Joseph Moore Museum is located at Earlham College. It is absolutely FREE! College students work there to learn about museum education!


We all had a wonderful time at the museum! It was so amazing watching the boys learn and play 🙂


By this time we were starving!

Off to lunch at Clara’s Pizza King. I wish I would have got more photos. I think I was in heaven! We had lunch on a TROLLEY inside of a restaurant! Our seats had an old rotary phone on the wall where Derrek called up our order. It was the coolest thing! The pizza was amazing & so was my adult beverage. The BEST beer I have ever tasted. That frosty mug?! Just what I needed on that hot summer day!



One more Chocolate Trail stop before we headed off to see Thomas!

Olympian Candies!


The main attraction…the moment we were all waiting for: A Day Out With Thomas! 

There was so much for the boys to see and play before we got aboard the train! It was great & kept them well entertained!





We had so much fun! I was really proud of myself for planning this day trip! *pats back*

We really fell in love with Richmond, Indiana & surrounding areas! There were so many free/affordable things to do. The boys loved all of the surprise stops that led us to Thomas. We all had a wonderful day!

Thomas is coming back to the Whitewater Valley Railroad this June 16th-18th & 23rd-25th. Get your tickets today and save $2 off single ride tickets through JUNE 1ST!!

Use code “Family17” at checkout


Let me know if you make a day out of it and visit any stops mentioned above!



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