Trevor Wants A Camera For His Birthday

April 9, 2017

What a beautiful Saturday. Mama got to sleep in…you heard that right…I got to stay in bed until 10! Then the hubby woke me up to the smell of hot coffee.

No, he didn’t make me any…it was for himself…non the less…he let me sleep in!


We went shopping for new spring shoes for the boys. Target had some adorable Cat & Jack shoes buy one get one 50% off. Although I love these shoes, I am so disappointed with their boy selection of shoes! There are maybe 6 to pick from…but a million girls shoes. Boys want some style selection too Target!

unnamed (3).jpg

While we were there we did a little birthday shopping for Desi…our adorable baby cousin who had a birthday party today!

Happy Birthday Desi!

unnamed (4).jpg

After the birthday party we headed to one of our favorite parks in Cincinnati, Ault Park. It’s a beautiful place. So peaceful but full of photogs taking photos of families, babies, bumps, seniors, pups. Trevor wanted to try out my Nikon so I let him take a stab at blending in with all of the professionals. He did such a great job at posing the family and finding other subjects to take photos of.  Check out his portfolio from the day:

“I want to be a photographer because if you see something pretty you get to keep it forever” -Trevor 


I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday 🙂 I have lots of housework I need to do…but instead I’m working on my blog. Stay tuned for a really fun “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” coming to



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