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If you like free stuff, you need to be on Influenster! 

So, if you follow me on Instagram…you’ll see I am posting free stuff from Influenster at least once a month! They send you absolutely free products just to review and share! This time, Bite Beauty and Influenster sent me some new lip pencils and lip sticks. They also gave me a new biodegradableSephora sharpener! Score! I can’t wait to try these colors. They’re so in style right now and I’ve heard nothing but good from Bite. The lighter shade is honeycomb & darker is whiskey. These are very creamy shades inspired by natural lip tones. 
Click here to join me on Influenster if you’re not already! 

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Where are you fitness? Why can't I find you? Why have you gone away? 


How do you motivate yourself to be healthy!?

This time last year I was gearing up to begin Pilates teacher training. I had lost a ton of weight, the smallest I’ve ever been…and now here I am…after a surgery recovery, holidays, and food obsessed…I’m looking like my before photos!

I want to eat healthy…I want to workout…but for some reason I am just NOT feeling it!

I need to kick start a new routine…but I’m stuck in a rut.

So, I’m asking…What do you do?

Help me…somebody…anybody…help me back away from the tacos!




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Alma Rose Claire – The Perfect Mom Tote 

If you don’t already know, I’m a working mom with two boys in school. My youngest is in PreK & my oldest in Kindergarten. Weekdays consist of me taking the kids to school, heading into the office, going out on meetings, then picking the kids up from school. I work for a local magazine & I am always seeing what’s new and fun for the kids. Our weekends consist of taking classes or attending events. Long story short, I am constantly on the run. I wake up…gather my war gear & prepare to balance my work life and mom life each and everyday. This photo below is just about the perfect example of my daily life…deer in headlights look on my face while I answer phone calls and drink coffee…add two kids on my legs and it’s perfect!  

I’m always running around with a clutch, a work bag, and a purse with all the things I need for the kids. I am so excited to say…I can now have all of that + more in ONE bag…and it’s beautiful! If you truly know me (shout out for reading & supporting me!)  you know I am very forgetful! Mostly, because that is how I am wired…but also because my struggle with Epilepsy has ruined my short term memory! Having one bag to pack and remember is a game changer! 
This Alma Rose Claire is the most amazing mom tote. If your a new mom, it makes the most beautiful diaper bag. As your children grow it transforms to fit your needs. 

I absolutely love the extra pockets. Although I am very forgetful, I try to stay very organized. This bag has a hook for my keys, a special place for all of my cards, pocket for my phone, and so much more! It comes with a diaper pad insert, as well as a large zipper pouch. The metal feet on the bottom keep the bag off of the ground. I also love the bottle pockets on the sides. I no longer have babies, but these pockets are perfect for water bottles! 
If you’re looking for the perfect everything tote, the Claire is all you need! Get yours 👈🏻 here! 
This bag was given to me to review, 
nothing but 5 fabulous stars from this gal 👏🏻

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What's In My Glam Bag? 

Ipsy’s January Glam Bag 

I just wanted to do a quick view of what I got in my January Ipsy bag. This is a really nice $10 a month beauty subscription. I’ve got this bag subscription for almost 6 years! To see a detailed review of Ipsy & my September glam bag, read this link here 🙂

You really can’t beat all of this for only $10! 
Get your Ipsy bag Now! Right here 🙂

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Positive Playlist

My Playlist To Encouragement:

 Listening to music is my therapy!

One song can change your outlook on life…make you feel like you can take on the world!

I hope my children never forget the music I’ve taught them to enjoy. I share my most intimate feelings with my children through my playlists.

When I need a little encouragement, or I need to drop a subliminal life lesson on the kids…here’s the tunes we use to feel good, feel whole, and sing at the top of our lungs!

Listen to my Positive Playlist on itunes





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Target Beauty Box 

I got my hands on Target’s new $5 beauty box! 

So I’ve seen YouTubers review these monthly boxes in the past. I’ve never been able to get my hands on one, until now! They offer a $5 box and $10 box full of beauty must-haves…but they go so quick!

Keep reading to see what came in my Winter Target Beauty Box!

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo
–This is something I’ve wanted to try since forever! It always comes up in any search of “how do I get my hair to grow” I never wanted to buy the huge bottle, so I am excited to test a sample before purchase.
Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner
–I’ve never heard of this brand. I do however love a good leave-in conditioner. It’s said to strengthen & revive dull hair to prevent breakage. I’m a huge It’s a 10 fan, I can’t wait to try out and compare.
Vaseline Cocoa Butter 
–I’ve tried this in the past. I think Vaseline is a trusted quality brand…perfect to heal dry winter hands.
Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion
–Palmer’s is also another trusted brand. An active ingredient in this body lotion, along with coconut oil, is Tahitian Monoi Oil. It boasts fatty acids and protects for hydrated, radiant skin.

Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

–I discovered Shea Moisture back in 2016. I truly love this brand. It’s amazing. I’m excited to test this formula said to nourish and soothe an irritated scalp. This winter has done a number on my scalp. I’ve been looking for something to gently cleanse and sooth my dry scalp.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 

–I love a good facial wipe. They’re amazing to have on hand for those lazy nights where washing your face feels completely impossible. Washing your face every night is very important, don’t ever skip it! But if you must, at least use a wipe 🙂

Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls 

–I don’t believe I’ve heard of this brand. I’m excited to try it out! I love a quick curl cream I can throw in my hair after a shower and achieve effortless, frizz-free curls.

Colgate Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste

–I religiously use Colgate Optic White Toothpaste. My husband yells at me for not using something to replenish the health of my teeth. I’m excited to give this formula a try. It is said to replenish natural calcium, gently polish, whiten, and freshen.

This box also came with a coupon for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more.

I like this box! It wasn’t mind blowing, but very good for the price. I personally enjoy testing and trying new products! I also get Ipsy each month, an afordable $10 monthly beauty bag. See my Ipsy review here! Ipsy comes with more beauty products than this box. This one came with a lot of skin and hair care products. For $5, you really can’t beat it though. I loved getting toothpaste…random score!
This box was perfect for winter and well worth the $5, with the coupon included it’s like it was actually $2! It looks like the $5 box is sold out, but the $10 box is still available. I’m tempted to purchase that one and see if it comes with more beauty products vs hair and skin.
Target Beauty Box
The link to shop the box and all the full size items is above 🙂 If you get the box, let me know your thoughts! What’s your favorite beauty subscription box?

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It means the world to me knowing what I love is being loved by someone else! 

Thank you for viewing my page & for reading my heart in words. All of the love on my latest blog post warms my heart. 

I came home from work tonight, tired as ever. (Actually going into work today my manager says “woah, you look tired. I’m sorry, I mean you just have big bags under your eyes.” —yes, I fell asleep last night ordering yoga pants from my phone.) 

I was surprised to check my wordpress ap to see over 1,000 views on my blog page. I love you all! Thank you for reading and following me in this journey we call life 🙂 

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Be who you needed when you were younger.


Dear Mom: I love you! 

It’s a snowy Thursday. I just walk in from picking the boys up from school. My mom calls right as I get in…like she knows she’s exactly what I need to hear. She checks on me to make sure my car drove okay in the snow. I actually almost slid into an intersection this morning, while coming to a stop in a turn lane covered in snow.

I told her, “I remembered how you have to pump your breaks and I ended up stopping just in time.”

“That’s so scary it’s it? I am glad you’re okay!”, she replied.

She asks me if I work tonight (I’ve been hustling two jobs for the past couple months to catch up on bills and save some cash, it’s been rough but I am making it happen) I tell her yes, with a sigh. I’ve been picking up every week night I can at the restaurant. I’m up to my head in deadlines and expectations with my day job. I’m making sure the kids are alive and well. I’m keeping up on house hold chores. I’m stressed to say the least.

She hears the stress on my voice and tells me exactly what I needed to hear. “Life goes too fast. Here I am 57 next month and I don’t know how I got here. I had no control over anything…no one really has control over life if you think about it. Things happen and you learn to deal with it. You’ll be just fine! Don’t stress. I spent so much time in my life stressing and worrying about each and every little thing. Here I am today and I am just fine. One thing you must remember is to pray. NEVER FORGET TO PRAY!”

My mom is the strongest person I know. She beat cancer for heaven’s sake, there’s nothing she can’t shake! Thank you mom. Thank you for being exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing all of your bomb knowledge you’ve learned from life along the way. Thank you for reminding me life is like driving in the snow. Sometimes you feel like you’re sliding. It’s scary, but you don’t have to stress…don’t over correct, don’t worry…

pump your breaks and pray.

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Dear 2016, take a hike. 

I haven’t been myself since I had surgery back in November. (I had an endometrial mass removed) I was terrified of re-opening the incision so I took it easy. By “take it easy” I mean, I haven’t worked out since November! Surgery turned into Thanksgiving & that turned into Christmas. My booty has never been more acquainted with the couch. My jeans are screaming at me! So I’m finally pulling myself out of this winter hibernation to get back to myself.

We went to Sharon Woods this afternoon for a beautiful hike. It’s a nice 54 degree, cloudy, December day. The ground was soft from this mornings rain. My oldest enjoyed the scenery while playing Pokémon Go. Now that the ap has been updated, it’s cool again in my house. — Pokémon Go may have been the best thing to come out of 2016. We loved playing this summer. It brought us to Sharon Woods 3x a week for daily hikes searching for their high number of Pokémon. My youngest showered me with the most beautiful rocks and leaves. Every time he finds the perfect one, he gets so excited and gives it to me. My boys love seeing all of the new Christmas puppies out for walks with their families, they say hello to each and every dog we see. Sharon woods has some amazing water falls and a gorgeous lake. It’s one of our favorite of the Hamilton County  Parks.

Hiking with my family feeds my soul unlike anything else. I absolutely love nature. I love being outside. I love sharing that with my family. Even on a cloudy, overcast day…It’s one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen. My boys loved waving to the strangers & wishing them a “happy new year!” I love a new year. A fresh book, ready to be filled with stories. One resolution of mine: more hikes, less couch.

Hiking in Ohio & Northern Kentucky?

Check out Cincinnati Family Magazine’s January Issue for an amazing list.

I just might be checking each one off as 2017 goes!

So goodbye 2016, take a hike!