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Savvy Wool OOTD – Special Sale!

Hey Y’all! 

I wanted to share with you my outfit today in honor of Savvy Wool’s discount code! They are giving 25% off today only with a special discount code (see below)…on top of their always FREE SHIPPING! 


Robin’s Egg Blouse


Canvas Seaside Slouchies


This top is amazing! I’ve worn it with regular basic blue jeans…olive and red. It looked amazing with every color! The shape is so fun and girly…but it’s so darn comfy! 


These shoes are my new summer favorite. The natural color goes with everything…not to mention they are so comfy also. Okay, if you can’t tell…I love looking put together but feeling like I’m not. 



^ Use this code at the check out so you can love on this outfit yourself…or anything and everything else on Savvy Wool! Everything is so adorable 🙂

Happy 4th of July weekend & happy shopping! 



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Mom & Me Time with Jord Watches – Giveaway

My mom is seriously my best friend. She is the strongest woman I know! At a young age she taught me to hold high the value of our time here on this Earth.


There was & still is nothing better than spending time with my mom. Time is treasure you can not measure, you must only make the most of it. I am the mother I am today because of her. I love you mommy. Happy Mother’s Day.


Time is a gift. It’s packaged in this beautiful box. We open it everyday as if it will always be there. We take time for granted. I am so guilty of living 10 spaces ahead of myself. I know what I am doing now, 3 weeks from now, I’m thinking 5 months from now, years from now. My mom has taught me to STOP…slow down…and live in the now. Live for today. It’s a tough one…the older I get the more I learn from my mom & the easier it becomes.


Time is strong, just like the zebrawood and emerald of this watch. Time waits for no man—or woman. It is strict and firm. Enjoy life…ride the waves…go with the flow! The emerald has long been the symbol of hope. Believe in yourself. You must work with time, not against it.

“How to stop time: kiss.

How to travel in time: read. 

How to escape time: music. 

How to feel time: write.

How to release time: breathe.”


This Jord watch is absolutely amazing! I have only just received it and have already been blown away with the amount of complements I’ve received. It is so unique! Ordering the watch was top notch. You get to print off a size guide and order to fit you perfectly. I absolutely love my one of a kind style watch! It’s a great reminder of the most treasured life lesson my mother taught me…don’t count the time, but making the time count.

To check out this beautiful Jord Zebrawood & Emerald watch visit the link below:


I want to thank Jord for collaborating with me on this beautiful Mother’s Day piece. They have been so kind to give one of my followers a $100 E Gift Code!

All other entrants receive a $25 E Gift Code.

Enter below now!

Best of luck!


(The contest will close May 21st at 11:59pm)

Shop the men’s collection:

Shop the women’s collection:




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Do We Really See How Beautiful We Are? An Inside Look Into My Recent Boudoir Photo Shoot.

My Boudoir Photo Shoot With Flirt Fototography

—I was totally speechless until I blurted out “I didn’t even know my body looked like that!” I didn’t realize In the moment, but my own words hit me hard when I got home.—

When I was a little girl, I would go to the basement and lose track of time going through albums and boxes of old photos. I loved seeing family photos of myself and my brothers…but what I really enjoyed seeing was: mom and dad before I was born, photos of my grandma growing up, or my grandpa in the army. I loved learning more about the lives of people I looked up to. Not only did I love looking at photos, I’ve always been obsessed with taking photos, and I still am to this day! At a young age I was always requesting disposable cameras. I was just a little girl but a regular at the Walgreens photo counter getting my film developed. There’s something about a photo that can literally freeze a memory in time. And even though I wasn’t born when my favorite old photos were taken, seeing old photos of my family instantly made me fall back in time and gave me a glimpse of what life was like for them in that moment.
unnamed (1)
One photo that still burns an image in my mind is one of my grandma. She’s in her 40’s style two piece swim suit catching rays with other bathing beauties. She is looking at the camera with a cute little squint in her eyes from the sun. It’s black and white. The edges are worn. It’s absolutely stunning! Her hair is falling perfectly in place. She is the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. When I first came across that photo, I remember running up the steps to ask “mom, who is this?” My mom smiled and said “that’s your grandma!” I was in shock! She was so young and beautiful. I only knew my grandma as my short, cute, sweater loving, glasses and pearls, granny. As a young girl I didn’t think my grandma could have been anyone else before she was “my grandma.” I love my grandma and miss her very much. I think of her often and still have that photo of her on display. I dream of her being alive now to see my boys…I would love to play cards with her again and catch up on missed time over a glass of wine.
unnamed (2)
A few weeks ago I came across a Facebook post shared by a friend. Flirt Foto was hosting a “model call” for someone to participate in a boudoir photo shoot. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things of Flirt Foto and always wished to have the guts to do something like that as a gift for my husband. The Facebook post said “no experience needed” so I decided to hold back the fear, jump right in and apply. What could it hurt? I knew my husband’s birthday was coming up so I thought it would be the perfect gift if I was chosen. When I opened the email saying I was chosen to do this boudoir photo shoot…that picture of my grandma came to mind. I want my grand-kids to stumble over a picture of me in my prime and say “who is this!?” I was excited but then the nerves kicked in? Am I ready for this? What am I getting myself into?
As I was walking up the steps to the studio I was thinking to myself “I probably should have waited and really prepared myself for this. My body should look so much better right?” I began to question my decision. I was a little frustrated with myself for not working out or preparing myself for this shoot.
I am a mom of two boys, 3 and 5. I have had permanent dark circles under my eyes since 2011, the year my oldest was born. My stomach and legs show every stretch mark from each pregnancy weight gain. I still have the squishy mommy belly. Half of my C-Section scar is still healing from a my recent surgery where I had an endometrial mass removed. I’m a mommy and extremely proud! The scars gave me my sweet boys who I wouldn’t trade for the world. I use these tired eyes to see such a beautiful life around me. This squishy belly enjoys those little arms wrapping around it with bear hugs. I know my body is a wonderful thing. I’m just nervous about photographing it!
A deep breath and I walked into the studio: here we go! Stefani and Marla were waiting for me with hugs, wine, breakfast, and love. Stefani and Marla are a perfect pair. Stefani is the make up and hair goddess and Marla is the amazing photographer. I honestly would not have done this photo shoot with anyone else. They are not only amazing at what they do, but amazing women. They are so incredibly uplifting in a time where you really feel so vulnerable. I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose sight of myself under the make up and hair. I told them the look I would love is “I simply woke up like this, but glamorous.” Stefani hit it out of the park! I seriously wish she could do my make up everyday!
I struggled at first thought of what to wear in my shoot. I ultimately decided to bring comfy clothes. When picking my three outfits I realized, what makes me feel “sexy or flirty” is being comfortable! I brought over sized sweaters, knee socks, a button down shirt. Things I honestly already have a home and wear on a daily basis.
During the shoot we listened to music, laughed, talked about life…it was seriously like hanging out with a bunch of girl friends I’ve known forever. The nerves I was feeling walking in to the studio were completely gone. I forgot about my stretch marks and my tired eyes. I was having a great time. Marla has a vision for photography that is so beyond life. She is so creative and coaches you through poses and looks. She seriously knows what she is doing! She is focused and takes the time to make each shot perfect but at the same time it’s so effortless. Stefani would come through with subtle tweaks of my hair or pose ideas. Their passion for their creative work is incredible and they work together flawlessly.
After the shoot we ordered lunch. Marla created a slide show of the unedited photos. I loved that we got to sit in the studio lounge and see the photos right after they were done. I didn’t have to go home and wonder how it turned out. The nerves were back! I had a pit in my stomach. I almost wanted to cover my eyes and peak through my fingers. They started the slide show and I was blown away! I was totally speechless until I blurted out “I didn’t even know my body looked like that!” I didn’t realize in the moment but my own words hit me hard when I got home.
I decided to order a beautiful photo box for my husband. It was hard, but we narrowed it down to 12 of the best photos to be included in his gift. I could have cried, but I was trying to hold back the tears. I didn’t want to ruin my beautiful make up.
What an amazing day?!
I had originally decided on this Flirt Foto boudoir shoot as a gift for my husband. I had no idea how amazing this would be for myself. It’s a two for one deal! I get to have an amazing day and my husband gets a gift that would last a lifetime.
Beyond the surface take away of an amazing time, I realized that I actually learned something even deeper. When I got home and reflected on the day, I remembered how I looked at those photos of myself. “I didn’t know my body even looked like that?” was said similar to the way my younger self looked back at the photo of my grandma saying “who is this?” I began to wonder if my grandma knew how beautiful she was in that old photograph. I then wondered if every woman knows how beautiful they truly are? As women we see ourselves so differently in our own eyes. We all have something we don’t like about our bodies. Why? Why are we all so hard on ourselves to be so perfect? I’m so guilty of it too. I look at photos of myself before kids and think about how in that moment I thought I was so ugly or overweight…and with older eyes I want to go back and smack myself! I was delusional! This photo shoot truly allowed me to see myself in a different way…like an out of body experience in real time! I’m positive in a few months I will try on my summer shorts and sob in the closet over a box of Girl Scout Cookies. I’m not saying this photo shoot was a end all-be all at body image issues…but my goodness was it a wake up call.
We are all absolutely beautiful on the inside and out. Our imperfections, our differences, our scars, our sleepy eyes, our laugh lines, that mom bun thrown on the top of your head…it make us who we are. So please, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are amazing in so many different ways! You are beautiful!
I recently took a fun art class with my husband at Painting With A Twist. One lesson the instructors kept mentioning was “step back, take a moment and then look at your painting from a little farther back.” Up close we felt stressed and didn’t think it was right. We then took a step back and realized how amazing our paintings really were! I think that same lesson goes with our bodies…take a moment, step back and look at yourself a little farther back. We see our selves so closely everyday! From trying out a boudoir shoot to just jumping in a picture when you’d typically dive out and hide, I encourage all of you to do something for yourself that lets you see your body in a different light. If you’re thinking about a boudoir photo shoot, don’t hesitate or push yourself to be “perfect” before the shoot. Dive right in, I promise you will not regret it. You are already perfectly you.

Without even trying Marla ended up coming really close a pose like my grandma laying in the sun. I see a lot of her in me. Her spirit is a guiding light through my life. It warms my heart knowing this experience ended up meaning so much to me in so many different ways. I had no idea this would tie back so closely to my lovely grandma.
17886867_1097969410309323_1024113007_o (3)_edited1
unnamed (1)

I highly recommend Marla and Stefani at Flirt Foto. They are an amazing team! If you’re looking for beauty, boudoir, or just a spicy head shot…they will totally deliver and beyond. It’s an experience way deeper than any photo shoot! I want to re-live my boudoir shoot over and over again! It truly is one of a kind!

(513) 477-3324

@flirtfoto IG

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

image1 (7).JPG

1.Adornlee Adventure Tote Bag  2. MaLyn Logic Clothing and Accessories 3.Patchology Flashpatch 5 Minute Hydrogels   4.Loopy Stop The Drop Phone Cases 5. Planet Jill Personalized Jewelry & Gifts 6. Page 261 Travel Mug  7.Personal Planner 8.O-Venture Key Ring & Card Case 9.Ugg Tye Sneaker  10.Thread Tank Motherhood Threads

 1. Adornlee Adventure Tote

This tote is so perfect. I love the saying “and so the adventure begins darling”…This would be an adorable gift for a mom to be or even a seasoned vet. Everyday is an adventure as a mama! I love canvas bags! They even make a great functional gift bag to present more gifts inside! You can use it as a diaper bag or work bag…the options are endless!

2. MaLyn Logic Clothing & Accessories

This brand has adorable Mother’s Day gift options…from tees to sweatshirts to jewelry to notepads! I especially love their “grandma” selection of gifts! They really have something for every style of mom and grandmas!

3. Patchology Flashpatch 5 Minute Eye Hydrogels 

These have been a godsend for me. I have had permanent dark circles under my eyes since my oldest was born. These eye hydrogels make me look like I’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep in 5 minutes! Who doesn’t need more help in the “I woke up like this” department than a mama?! I love the packaging and the fact that you get 30 in a jar! These make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift that is a little outside the box. Instead of a spa day…give her this spa in a jar that she can use 30 times!

4. Loopy Phone Case

This might be one of my favorite things of all time. A definite “why didn’t I think of that” item!  I am always trying to carry everything I can in my hands, including my phone. I have shattered a phone screen or two in my life…all because I was holding too much. This phone case has a soft silicone loop on the back, it has a very slim design. You can hold onto the loop with your fingers freeing up your entire hand….my mind was blown! I can carry my coffee cup and my phone in one hand!! But that’s not all…use the loop as a prop to set your phone up to watch videos or use the loop to hold your phone in bed…no more dropped phone on your face! (I have witnessed this with my husband dozing off watching YouTube videos at bedtime) Although I get a giggle out of it…I may need to get him a case for fathers day! Everyone I see asks me about this case and instantly orders it. It’s a serious must have! It’s great for the mom holding the world in her hands while her children ask her to hold their rock.

5. Planet Jill Personalized Jewelry

Planet Jill has the most heart felt jewelry.  It’s personalized but so sleek and beautiful for everyday wear. I have the gold monogram photo locket. I love that the monogram lies over the photo and it can be easily uncovered. I have a photo of my boys inside. They absolutely love seeing me wearing their photo! I absolutely love having them so close to my heart everyday. Their jewelry makes the perfect gift for mothers and grandmothers! The “key to my heart” wavy charm bracelet would be the perfect gift for a grandma to showcase her grandchildren!

6. Page 261 Travel Mug 

This brand is so much deeper than their product. I am very thankful that Nicke shared with me the meaning behind her movement. Being a mom is hard, it’s so tough…everyone is watching, everyone has an opinion! This movement is about moms coming together to celebrate being a mom…no matter how you choose to raise your children…all mamas are welcome! “No shame in my mom game”…don’t feel guilty for eating the last bag of fruit snacks while hiding in the cupboard…oh is that just me? This adorable mug is a great gift! I want to buy one for all of my mama friends and let them know I love and support them! I am giving this mug to someone who stands out in my mom crowd right now. A special mom friend of mine recently decided to home school her child. She voiced to me that so many people gave her negative thoughts about it…but she made this choice for the better of her child…and not only is she feeling amazing about the decision…but her daughter is too!! I seriously applaud her for that! I can’t wait to leave this little mug and a note on her doorstep for encouragement!

7. Personalized Planner

Am I the only one who can’t stick with a planner for an entire year? I want something new and fresh after a few months. This personalized planner has broken that cycle for me! I finally have a planner I love! Personalized Planner is the best gift idea for that busy mama in your life. They even offer gift cards to give! Going the gift card route let’s you  give but your special someone gets to customize every detail themselves! You even get to create the layout and extra pages! It also comes with stickers!

8. O-Venture Key Ring & Card Case 

This is amazing! I was always tracking my keys and wallet separate! This is a great gift idea for the mama always losing her mind stuff! So not only does this product keep your things together…but frees your hands! *insert clapping here* —I can actually clap because my hands aren’t full! The key ring can be worn around your wrist down to your elbow! It is perfect for the mom who just wants to run errands without a big bag. No more digging in a bag with your hands full searching for your keys! Another product making our lives a little simpler! They say it and it’s true “our patent pending design will change yOur life!”

9. Ugg Tye Sneakers 

These are perfect for mom or grandma. They are stylish but also comfy and light weight. My UGG boots are my go to winter shoe. I love that they now have UGG sneakers! You can wear these with leggings and a tee, jeans and a top, or even a fun spring dress! As a mom I look for fashion pieces that can be versatile and used in different ways. These shoes are it!

10. Thread Tank Motherhood Threads 

Last, but certainly not least. My favorite “mom” tees! Thread Tank has a laundry list of fun mom-grandma tees! It is seriously so hard to pick just one! I need all 6 pages! Basic graphic tees are my mom uniform..wear them with leggings (yes they are pants), jeans, a skirt…it’s such a fun way to wear your humor on your sleeve! They have so many different styles and sayings. You will be laughing while you shop. I showed my husband the “mama lama” shirt cry-laughing. Then he started laughing. We have no idea what that means but we loved it and shared a giggle together. I especially love the “99 problems” shirt. I totally feel it. I have 99 problems but being a mom ain’t one…can I just be paid to be a mom? Please!

There you have it, my round up of Mother’s Day gift ideas. These are all so amazing products for any mom with any style. Do you all love giving gifts? I promise I love giving more than receiving! There really is no greater feeling than giving a special/practical/funny/much needed gift and seeing their face light up. My friends anticipate my face after I give a gift…if I can see that they like it, or everyone in the room gets excited…I slowly do the Kip Dyamyte “yes” fist clench and whisper “gift success” 🙂

I hope these gifts give you all the satisfaction of gift giving!

Happy Mother’s Day to all kinds of mothers:Pet Moms, Grand Moms, Aunt Moms, Step Moms, Old Moms, Young Moms, Tired Moms, Stressed Moms, Blessed Moms, Working Moms, Stayin’ Home Moms…I hope you get my point…momin’ ain’t easy…thank you for doing you! 




My Mama Time Out @ Ambiance Nail Salon +Giveaway

I love a good mom time out. Tonight I spent a couple hours of “me time” at Ambiance Nail Salon. Ambiance is my favorite Nail salon here in Cincinnati! The staff is amazing. Everyone is extremely friendly and so upbeat. You can truly tell they care about their customers and are passionate about  making you feel your best. Not to mention, their salons look like beach resorts! The interior design in the salon makes me feel like I am on a fancy vacation. I just love the beautiful chandeliers!

My go-to location is the Ambiance in Oakley. It is located near the new Kroger Marketplace. The newly come up of the Oakley Station is absolutely amazing! If you haven’t been over there, you are missing out. So many fun places to shop, dine, and pamper yourself! There is even a Bear Paddle Swim school for the kiddos!

Charlie was my nail technician. We had a great time chatting while he did my mani-pedi. He also welcomed me with a bottle of water…so kind! I started off with a pedicure…perfect for spring! Pedicures are my favorite. I always feel so much better when I leave! There’s something about having pretty feet that changes everything…kind of like a new pair of shoes! I picked a cute burgundy-fuchsia color from the new Kerry Washington OPI collection called “popular vote” & I just love this color! While Charlie painted my toes he shared with me so much information on the new SNS technique. I was so excited to learn more about this innovative, healthy option for having beautiful nails!

SNS, Signature Nail Systems, is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base on the nail, which is then dipped in a powder. The color is in the powder!


  • has a quicker application
  • no dry time
  • no UV light
  • no damage to your nail beds
  • 14 day wear+
  • light weight & durable
  • added calcium, vitamin A,E,D3,B5
  • looks and feels natural
  • lots of color choices!

I love the idea of helping my natural nails be their best while still looking amazing. I usually gravitate towards a neutral color for my hands. I also typically pick a short, square shape. I think trying the new SNS technique brought me out of my norm. I went with a pretty pink and oval shape! I was so happy I went out of my comfort zone. I love my nails. The first things I noticed about the SNS technique: my nails feel so natural and light weight, the color is beautiful, and the process was so quick!

Thank you Ambiance and Charlie for this amazing mom time out! I feel so refreshed and recharged. Charlie is amazing conversation and does fabulous nails! Go visit him and tell him Shelbie says hello!

Ambiance Nail Salon Oakley Station

3120 Vandercar Way

Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

513-871-1234  — so much amazing information over there!

(They also have a new Eastgate location)

720 Eastgate South Drive, Ste 300

Cincinnati, Ohio 45245



Ambiance and I have collaborated to give one of you lucky readers a $50 gift card!

How to enter:

1) Follow both My page and Ambiance Nail Salon on Facebook:

Ddotts Facebook Page

 Ambiance Nail Salon Facebook Page (they do hundreds of giveaways a year!)

2) like and  Comment on my original facebook post (pinned to the top of my page) and tell me why you need a relaxing time out at Ambiance Nail Salon!

3) Share, share, share!!!

Bonus points: follow both @ambiancenailsalon & @ddotts_ on Instagram

One lucky winner will be selected on Wednesday April 5th.

Good luck!!

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Spring Haul – Fitness Update (bonus recipe!)

With spring comes blooming flowers, more sunshine, and more skin! Yikes. My body has been having a cheat meal for the past year! This time last year I was in the best shape of my life—thank you Pilates Teacher Training! Now I’m back to #mombod—thank you lower stomach surgery!
Well…I am now feeling more motivated than ever! I recently picked up some things to keep me accountable, inspire, and motivate me to get moving towards a healthier lifestyle! I want to share with you in hopes this post motivates you as well!

Let’s Dive In!

Here’s what I picked up recently at Target:

Aladdin Set of 3 Reusable Cups

I have an obsession with cups/mugs/water bottles. It’s an issue. Every time I set foot in a store it’s a battle between me picking up a mug and talking myself out of buying it. Then the devil on my shoulder says YOLO.
I picked up these because they’re adorable (I got a pack for my mama too!) They’re affordable ($5 for 3 cups? Yes please!) And I need more help in the H20 department! At 24oz, just about 3 of these fits my daily water needs. And they have adorable sayings. I got myself “just do you” & my mom “I’m walking on sunshine”

Yoga Leggings with Mesh Side Detail

Nothing gets me more motivated to work out than new clothes! If i’m heading out for a run, hitting a zumba class, or working out at home…these make me feel like a super star!

Exfoliating Bath Cloth

This thing is so random, but one of my new holy grail items! This is a long textured wash cloth. This is perfect for washing your back in the shower…a hard to reach place! With tank tops right around the corner, it’s perfect for getting your shoulders and back squeaky clean!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars

These hit my sweet tooth. I am a sugar fanatic. When I go on a “diet” sugar is the one thing I crave like crazy! These taste amazing and are dairy free, vegan, gluten free…all fruits and nuts but somehow it tastes like chocolate! The kids even love them!

Venus Razor Swirl

Spring means time to shave our legs after winter hibernation! I am typically a mans razor kinda girl, but I picked this up on a whim. It’s actually really good! I love the flexi-ball handle. I was impressed!

Rice Cooker

With exercise comes eating healthy. I picked up this little mini rice cooker to help me meal prep! It makes making dinner so much easier. I was always fudging up the rice. Derrek would complain that it was too squishy or crunchy. Now it’s perfect.
Brown rice, chicken, broccoli…here I come!

 I need to hold myself accountable…but also have fun:

I was looking into the Weight Watchers system. I loved the app & Mallory Ervin (another girl I’m friends with in my head) has been blowing me away with her weight loss journey using WW. Butttt…I then found out that the 21 day fix had an app also! So…I rejoined as a Beach Body Coach! Yay! I am so excited. I know Beach Body and Shakeology changed my life before (it helped me snap back after having Jax) I decided to go back to what I know is trusted and true. (check those guns…where’d they go?)


The structure and endless recipes with Shakeology give me life! It’s an easy, full-filling breakfast or snack. I love Shakeology and the Beach Body 21 day fix workouts. I also love the feeling of a group of people connecting. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

“this is going to be, you know, a fascinating transition”

— shout it out in the comments if you know what this is from! 

As I am editing this post and getting it up, I have a yummy cabbage soup simmering on the stove. I have included a photo and recipe below. This will be my go to this week while I start my 3 day refresh! See ingredients below…I just toss it all together!

Stay tuned! If you want to join me, reach out! I absolutely love coming together and crossing off goals! Get Started On Your Fitness Journey Here! All things are possible when we come together and lift one another up. I’ll be creating meal plans, accountability groups, making sure we are active, getting our h20 in, etc. Being healthy to me means more than looking good, although that is nice, it’s about feeling good! As an epilepsy warrior-over worked-under paid mom of 2 boys…I’m exhausted…I usually feel like death. When I eat right and work out, I am me at my full potential! I’d love to help you reach that as well!
Until next time,
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February Favorites

It’s Sunday afternoon. This is where I wind down from the daily grind. Today was a cleaning day. I got some things checked off on my around the house to-do list. I’ve showered and now have my face mask on. I thought I’d get this blog piece together before I start on dinner.
(enjoy my snapchat photo above…don’t mind my eyebrow, no I’m not a UFC fighter…I just fell walking home after moms night out…let’s just say I’m not the most graceful of humans on a normal day…add in a little fireball and I’m walking like a sleep deprived toddler)
As I’m sitting here, I’m watching YouTube. I can never NOT multitask! Estee Lalonde is the queen of monthly favorites. Check out her videos here, she’s amazing! She is another one of those “we are friends in my head” kinda girls!
So I’m wanting to do a new series on here of my monthly favorites. I will include anything and everything I’ve been loving this month. I’ll also include some of the kids favorites! We love finding new things! I love sharing them with y’all!

so….without further ado…let’s get into it:

Kid stuff:

Snap & Shop – shopping cart snack tray

This adorable tray makes shopping with the kids so much easier! This trip to Sams was a game changer! The kids colored and snacked & I got to actually think while I was shopping! Heck yes! This is a favorite for the boys and mama too! I highly encourage mamas and dadas to order one asap. I wish I had this when the boys were even younger!


Milton – the mealtime companion

This little guy changed my kids forever. I’m still in shock! Read my in depth blog post on Cincinnati Family Magazine here.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Trolls – the movie

We absolutely love this movie. We constantly quote it and listen to the soundtrack in the car. Bridget is our favorite character!


Baby Boy Bakery – we cook it

Check out this mama and her amazing story. She turned tragedy into a monthly subscription to help families come together in the kitchen. We made a fun video of the homemade doughnut kit we got. watch it here!


Fashion and beauty:

This Agnes & Dora Skirt & Top – Shop Melyssa’s collection here!

I seriously can’t leave the house without getting complements about this skirt. I went on a date with Trevor yesterday. This was the perfect date outfit! I seriously received about 15 complements through out the day. The fabric of this top and skirt are just perfect and comfy! This skirt feels just as beautiful as it looks….drum-roll…pockets! It has amazing pockets!  I’m obsessed: dress it down with a graphic tee or jean jacket. (shout out to my photog: Trevor, shout out to my Agnes & Dora consultant: Melyssa)

Mario Badescu –whitening mask

This magic helps fade all of my dark spots! My skin is so sun damaged…hello freckles and fair skin! This mask feels amazing and makes my skin look so bright and fresh! My new favorite.


Colour Pop – ultra matte lips

Funny story…I’ve known about Colour pop for awhile but never pulled the trigger on a purchase…until now. I was watching The Bachelor and obsessing over Corrine’s lip colors. I paused the TV on a scene where she was applying her lip stick. I looked up all different types of lip products to compare the packaging…it looked to me like she was using Colour Pop. I ordered Trap, Midi, and Alyssa. Midi is what I believe Corrine uses…but I loved all of these shades…dusty rose nudes…love the formula too!!!

Eye Buy Direct – affordable prescription glasses

Okay, this one may be an obsession…I have 4 pairs. I recently added two more to my collection. With deals like BOGO and savings codes…you can not buy more!

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I got all four of these for less than I’ve spent on one single pair at my local eye care shop! Insane!


Okay, I’m afraid this is getting too long. What do you think? I could go on and on into fitness, food, music, books,and more….let me know if you want to read a pt.2?

I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! This week ahead is going to be great, you got this!



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If you like free stuff, you need to be on Influenster! 

So, if you follow me on Instagram…you’ll see I am posting free stuff from Influenster at least once a month! They send you absolutely free products just to review and share! This time, Bite Beauty and Influenster sent me some new lip pencils and lip sticks. They also gave me a new biodegradableSephora sharpener! Score! I can’t wait to try these colors. They’re so in style right now and I’ve heard nothing but good from Bite. The lighter shade is honeycomb & darker is whiskey. These are very creamy shades inspired by natural lip tones. 
Click here to join me on Influenster if you’re not already! 

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Alma Rose Claire – The Perfect Mom Tote 

If you don’t already know, I’m a working mom with two boys in school. My youngest is in PreK & my oldest in Kindergarten. Weekdays consist of me taking the kids to school, heading into the office, going out on meetings, then picking the kids up from school. I work for a local magazine & I am always seeing what’s new and fun for the kids. Our weekends consist of taking classes or attending events. Long story short, I am constantly on the run. I wake up…gather my war gear & prepare to balance my work life and mom life each and everyday. This photo below is just about the perfect example of my daily life…deer in headlights look on my face while I answer phone calls and drink coffee…add two kids on my legs and it’s perfect!  

I’m always running around with a clutch, a work bag, and a purse with all the things I need for the kids. I am so excited to say…I can now have all of that + more in ONE bag…and it’s beautiful! If you truly know me (shout out for reading & supporting me!)  you know I am very forgetful! Mostly, because that is how I am wired…but also because my struggle with Epilepsy has ruined my short term memory! Having one bag to pack and remember is a game changer! 
This Alma Rose Claire is the most amazing mom tote. If your a new mom, it makes the most beautiful diaper bag. As your children grow it transforms to fit your needs. 

I absolutely love the extra pockets. Although I am very forgetful, I try to stay very organized. This bag has a hook for my keys, a special place for all of my cards, pocket for my phone, and so much more! It comes with a diaper pad insert, as well as a large zipper pouch. The metal feet on the bottom keep the bag off of the ground. I also love the bottle pockets on the sides. I no longer have babies, but these pockets are perfect for water bottles! 
If you’re looking for the perfect everything tote, the Claire is all you need! Get yours 👈🏻 here! 
This bag was given to me to review, 
nothing but 5 fabulous stars from this gal 👏🏻

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What's In My Glam Bag? 

Ipsy’s January Glam Bag 

I just wanted to do a quick view of what I got in my January Ipsy bag. This is a really nice $10 a month beauty subscription. I’ve got this bag subscription for almost 6 years! To see a detailed review of Ipsy & my September glam bag, read this link here 🙂

You really can’t beat all of this for only $10! 
Get your Ipsy bag Now! Right here 🙂