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My name is Shelbie and this in my little piece of my heart here on the web. You’ll find me sharing everything from lifestyle, beauty, fashion, to travel. I found blogging during the most traumatic season of my life, my epilepsy diagnosis. It truly helped me find myself when I never felt so lost. My brain was letting me down. Ddotts has grown so much in 2018. I have become so inspired and lifted while lifting others. This year I Co-Created @Cincinnatibloggers  – with my amazing friend & neighbor @laylaliving! We are striving to create a positive space for bloggers to come together, learn, and grow by lifting each other.

I am a twenty-something wife & mother. My two boys are my world! My high school boyfriend-turned husband is my best friend. We both have a passion for creating. He’s a youtuber and my number one fan!

I love anything that includes food and the outdoors. I love traveling and creating lasting memories for my children. I have a cat named Rosemary and two pups named Izzy and Colt. This summer we fostered a German Shepard puppy, Blu, who stole our hearts! We wanted to make her a fur-ever pet so bad, but our youngest son with a disability was not a fan. We miss her dearly, but she now lives with a friend of the family with 5 brother/sister pups and acres of land to run and play! I can’t wait to visit her in the spring and love on her.

My eyes swell up with tears and my heart warms with love knowing how far this little blog has come over the past year or so. I am forever thankful for my readers. From my more personal posts to my informal guides, I hope you find inspiration and motivation to be the YOU-IST version of YOU!


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