First Trimester Update + Must Haves

Hello 15 weeks 👋🏻 Goodbye First Trimester! I’m feeling so thankful to reach this week & to be feeling so much better! Although this is my third time around with this pregnancy stuff – this time it’s night & day compared to the boys. I don’t know if it’s because: I’m older, pregnant after previous childbirth trauma, pregnant for the first time with an epilepsy disorder, pregnant during a health pandemic – – – or heck – maybe this time it’s just a girl? – – – but this pregnancy has wrecked me: physically & emotionally. First Pregnancy Symptoms: I felt like I didn’t really have any initial pregnancy symptoms before getting my positive test – except maybe sore boobs! I think I tried to put it off to period coming and didn’t actually think it was a pregnancy symptom at first. A few days after my positive pregnancy test I noticed my sense of smell was intense!! I picked the boys up from school on Valentine’s Day and as soon as the doors opening I was smelling the candy on the kids coming out of school! It was so funny. We also went to the movies and smelling perfumes … Continue reading First Trimester Update + Must Haves