STEAM Toy Review

September 11, 2019

STEAM Toy Review 

The boys absolutely love anything science right now. We were so excited when Vocalpoint reached out to collaborate on this STEAM (Science Technology Engineering AND Mathematics ) toy review post! As always, although this is sponsored, all the reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views! 

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Without further ado – let’s get into the review!

The first thing the boys got was the STEM Educational Microscope. This is such a cool piece to not only have in the boy’s bedroom, but also a fun piece to take out to the backyard or the park! This microscope comes with everything you need to get your science on – except the 3 AA batteries – they will need to be purchased separately. In addition to the microscope you get the prepared slide, 7 blank slides, 1 slide case, 6 slide labels, 4 tools, and 2 specimen containers. This telescope has 3 magnifications 80x, 200x, and 450x. The boys love collecting fun things at the park to look at under the microscope! I think this is really a fun gift for kids to encourage and inspire their scientific creativity. The boys love that this microscope looks, “so real!” It is recommended for ages 8+. I would say that is fair – although Jax will be okay playing with it with Trevor’s help. 

The next thing the boys received was the STEM telescope. This thing is way too cool! We unboxed it at the park with the microscope – but really put it to work a few nights later. This telescope has a focus length of 170mm and magnification of 20x 30x and 40x. A telescope is so much fun to have as a kid. I remember having one and feeling so peaceful looking out into the sky at night before bedtime. What I like about this telescope is the ease of travel. We can easily pack it up for the park and leave the tripod on the shorter level while laying on a blanket. We took this out last night and had a late night little picnic and just had so much fun! This telescope is such a great toy for the house as a tech free fun idea! It was so nice being out and enjoying nature and each other. This telescope is recommended for ages 6+. 

STEM toys have multiple benefits: 

They Introduce Kids to Various Sciences

They Teach Problem Solving

They Encourage Creativity and Critical Thinking

They Teach Motor Skills and Coordination

They Bring Together the Whole Family

And both of the toys above did just that for our boys! 

What other STEM toys does your family love?

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