Our Family Photos With Kristin Weinberg Photography

July 9, 2019

Okay – I’ve been pretty lucky in my life to have a laundry list of amazing Cincinnati family photographers photograph my sweet, little family from day one. As a family, we all absolutely love photographs and taking pictures so I am very thankful for the blessings of humans who have kept the high spirits alive while taking our family photos. I have been in weddings however where the photographer is just -blah- and I’m left feeling like wow…this isn’t cool. It really makes me sad. I want to be like, “that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works! This is supposed to be fun y’all!” Spoiler alert – Kristin Weinberg Photography was more than fun!

We recently had the pleasure of updating our family photos with the incredibly sweet and talented Kristin Weinberg,  a Cincinnati family photographer. Let me tell you – it was fun y’all!! WE HAD A BLAST!! She’s a true sweet heart. She is so incredibly thoughtful and so good with kids! She sends the kids video chats the night before so they can be warmed up to her and not feel like a stranger is photographing them the next day! Although my boys are no stranger to anyone behind a camera – pose, smile, click – they are here for it all and will also give you creative direction. She also asked what kind of treats/things the boys liked. So before photos she showed the boys that she got them watermelon gum, Swedish fish, and a new book – this works so well to remind the kids to be good listeners during the photo shoot!!

The boys fell in love with her – and so did we. Our photos are incredible deceptions of how silly our family is and how fun we had that day. To me – I see our love burst from the photos like beams straight to my heart. Trevor and Jax asked if Kristin could take our photos forever – and I agree. I talk to Kristin just about everyday, to this day. We talk about silly stuff and our love for this world and cats. Take a look at some of my favorite photos and see for yourself. She is a gem with a heart of gold. I give her 10 out of 10! If you’re looking for a Cincinnati Family Photographer – she is your girl!

This is the old Joe’s Diner – soon to be Sugar & Spice!
We may have had more fun at the Treehouse Bar than the kids…yea, no. We all had a blast!! Even Kristin got in there swinging the boys in the tire swing.

Thank you so much Kristin! I am so glad the interweb brought us cat loving weirdos together. I can not wait to hang out again!

Check out more of Kristin’s work here ^

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