A Love Spell With Pure Romance

November 7, 2018

Let’s talk about Pure Romance!

I’m going to be 100%, Pure Romance is a brand that used to make me hide my face in my hair.

I’m sure it’s because the first time I ever heard of them was actually 6 years ago when my Aunt threw me a party to celebrate my upcoming wedding. I was embarrassed. I was nervous. What are my friends going to think? We weren’t the group of girls who really talked about any of this stuff.

That night ended up being one of the greatest nights of my life. We made memories we will never forget. By the end I felt empowered and educated.

Who I was 6 years ago was totally fine, just pretty closed off and nervous discussing topics of self discovery. I’m still a little “uptight” -per my mom- but I have most definitely learned to let loose and enjoy the ride! I am so much more empowered! I’ve learned that while opening myself up to those around me, I actually learned to open up to myself!

If Pure Romance would have asked to work with my blogging self years back I would have said, “oh no, I could never do that!” I would have been way too shy.

Today I am so excited Pure Romance asked to work together! My all time favorite beauty product is Pure Romance and I ain’t afraid to say it… but I am.

I still am a little shy & I won’t actually say the name (rhymes with toochy?)

I bought this conditioning shave cream 6 years ago at my first party and absolutely loved it!

Coochy Shave Lotion is the #1 most talked about Pure Romance product and a five star customer favorite! Coochy® blocks those little red bumps from appearing on your bikini area, underarms, legs, and anywhere else you shave. 

Guess what? You can even use it as a leave in conditioner while in the shower! Just toss a little on the ends on your hair, let it sit while you shave your body, then rinse! You’ll be all smooth and smelling amazing!

And Pure Romance has a full line of the Love Story collection. They all smell like sensual amber + warm vanilla…perfect for fall/winter self care Sunday rituals! I love using them all together right before snuggling up in bed with the husband.

Check out all of their bath and body here!

I am definitely due for another entertaining Pure Romance party with my friends and family! Not to mention, the benefits for hosting a party are amazing: GIRLS NIGHT + FREE PRODUCTS!!

Best News Yet:

Pure Romance is letting me give you 10% off your order. Just use code ddotts10 at check out to receive 10% off!

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  • Lauren Jackson November 8, 2018 at 9:48 pm

    Thanks so much for this post about Pure Romance! I love the company and I love hearing these reviews! With Love, Lauren 💜

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