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I am so excited to share that I have been announced as a Junkless ambassador!

Junkless bars vanish into thin air in this house. I literally have to keep them up from the boys or they will eat them all! But at the same time, I know that they are good for them and I love the fact that they enjoy this snack so much!

In August Trevor actually lost his first tooth snacking on a Junkless bar! He was enjoying his Junkless bar at lunch when his wiggly tooth stuck right into the bar and traveled right down his belly! Yes, he ate it 🙈 Trevor said he looked at his friend and his friend said, “hey where did your tooth go?!” Only my child would just eat his tooth right along with his Junkless bar!


Have you read my previous review on the JUNKLESS bars?

JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars are family-friendly snacks that are minimally processed, contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, are Non-GMO Project Verified and contain 6 grams or less of sugar.

No junk.

In the Cincinnati area, JUNKLESS bars are sold at Kroger stores. I spotted them at my local Kroger & some boxes even had a coupon to save $1! They are also sold on Amazon >> linked here Shop here!!

I am so excited to be a Junkless ambassador! I absolutely love sharing Junkless with you guys!

This brand is as great as the product.

Here’s my friends mom enjoying her Junkless Bars and what she thinks:

“all around yummy healthy treat. The consistency is perfect, it’s not too sweet. Like biting into a chewy cookie” -Tinette

Have you tried Junkless?! If so, let me what your favorite flavor is! My favorite flavor is Strawberry 🙂

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