What's In My Blogger Bag?

May 18, 2018

I wanted to share with you all this Maxine Alma Rose bag that I have been loving.

I have another version of this bag that I love called the Claire. I have shared it here on the blog in the past. Click here to read that blog post and more details on the Claire tote.

The quality of these bags…amazing! I was just using the Claire up until I got the Maxine. They’re the perfect diaper bag, travel bag, blogger bag, and more! I love having one bag for it all. It’s big enough to hold anything I need for work, for the kids, and for blogging.
So, what’s in my blogger bag? Everything seen here. I didn’t curate this photo for the blog post…just dumped my bag here on our outdoor coffee table.

Magazines/Books – Although I have minimal time to read (or maybe I don’t make enough time) I always keep magazines or books on hand. Women’s Health and Brain & Life are two of my favorite magazines right now. I am reading Trista Sutter’s book The Life changing Power of a Grateful Heart. It’s one of those reads you can pick up where you left off. I highly recommend it.
Planner – As much as I love the digital life we live. I’m a good pen and paper kinda gal. I don’t know what I’d do without my planner! I’m always scheduling events and doctor’s appointments. One thing I love about this bag? It has a separated zipper compartment in the middle. It’s perfect for my planner and books to hang out without bending. I’m loving this planner. I think I got it from target.
Water Bottle – I find it easier to drink the H2O when I have it on me at all times. This bag is big enough for my water bottle to sit right up. This Tervis is my favorite!!
Glasses/Sunglasses – Gotta have them! The bag has two spaces inside where you could store a baby bottles or…your glasses! I get a lot of questions about these clear frames. They are from eyebuydirect. Amazing quality for the price!
Boogie Wipes – At this time I didn’t have a lot of stuff for the boys in my bag. I think the just raided my granola bars and took their books out to take to the little library. One thing I always have on hand for them? Boogie wipes! I found these gems when Trevor was a baby & have kept them on hand ever sense. They’re not only perfect for cleaning up yucky noses…but also getting any sticky faces/hands squeaky clean!
Medication – As much as I hate taking my epilepsy medication daily, this little floral case makes it easy to store & remember to take. The inside is a hard case separated with the days of the week. I found it on amazon a few years back.
Lotion/Lip gloss/Sunscreen/Tick Tacs & More – All the essential mom bag goodies. I got this super goop travel set that is perfect!
My Phone – Shattered screen and all I can’t live without it!
I want to know, what’s in your blogger bag? mommy bag? diaper bag? work bag? gym bag? Do you have seperate bags or one that you toss everything in? If you’re looking for one bag to hold it all, I highly reccomend this Alma Rose Claire!

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