Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

May 2, 2018

Last week the boys, Derrek, and I headed to Freddy’s for dinner. We were so excited to see Layla of @laylaliving and Heather of @foodhussy! We were invited to the Amelia location to learn about the restaurant and a new surprise coming to the menu. The cat is out of the bag now, or shall I say the curds are out….WHITE CHEDDAR CHEESE CURDS! Now, I’ve never heard of cheese curds before this dinner. We ordered them and fell in love! They were like little perfect, fried cheese balls! So you can’t go wrong with fried cheese…I highly suggest you get them next time you head to Freddy’s!

We had such an amazing dinner! We all got the usual: 2 plain cheeseburger kids meals, Freddy’s original double (me), and a single steakburger and hot dog (Derrek)

We got to go behind the scenes and check out how they run their kitchen. This was so cool for me! I worked as a waitress for 10+ years, so restaurants have my heart. Their system back there was so organized! I was jealous, we never had any of that good stuff when I was working in a restaurant kitchen. The staff was so great.

(This was the quote of the day for the staff! Yasss motivation!)
I even noticed two girls bump into each other while hustling to get food out. They stopped to say sorry to each other and hugged. It was the sweetest thing and so genuine! Those girls are going somewhere…that’s what it’s all about!

After we ate our weight in cheese curds, burgers, fries, & hotdogs…we got to make our own sundaes! I think this was the boys favorite part! They absolutely love Freddy’s frozen custard. I don’t think they’ve ever had more gummy worms and sprinkles in their lives!

Not only did we leave so full with amazing food but we left with so much knowledge about Freddy’s. We also got to meet so many great locals who love Freddy’s as much as we do!

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