How Head Start’s Unbelievable Support Lead Us to Where We Are Today

My supervisor is headed to Washington D.C. today to represent the Head Start Preschool Program! I am so proud of her. She asked me to write out my story for her to share while she is there, as I am a parent turned employee.
I know a lot of you guys have been around from when I worked for the magazine (what I thought was my dream job) That job may have filled my creative side, but definitely not my wallet. It did teach me A LOT about myself. It was a hard decision to make the switch 6 months ago. I am so happy to be where I am today!!
Read more to get a little glimpse of how I got where I am. How Head Start propelled not only my boys forward but myself at the same time.
I remember coming in to enroll Trevor for the Head Start Preschool Program like it was yesterday. I was the typical mom, so nervous to be sending my first born off to school. It blew my mind how quickly time had passed. I remember thinking, “How were we were already enrolling Trevor for preschool? He was just born. How do I already have a 3-year-old and a baby boy?” When I got that letter in the mail saying he was accepted, I jumped for joy! I knew there was no other way we would be able to afford preschool. This was a huge relief to our family.

At the first parent orientation I decided to volunteer for the Parent Policy Council. I absolutely loved it! I was recently out of work as the cost of daycare was more than I was making. As a stay at home mom, I thought, “this would be a great outlet for me to have adult conversation once a month!” After that first meeting I knew it was so much more! It really was a great feeling knowing I was making a difference in the lives of my children. As I was showing up every month to be a voice, I was also being a good role model for my sons. Being a stay at home mom is extremely rewarding! It was truly a blessing, but it also came with some moments of losing your identity. You introduce yourself and feel like all you talk about is diapers and crayons. Policy Council gave me something to hold on to, something to represent, something for me to be passionate about outside home. It let me be involved in the future of my boys. I think Policy Council also helped ease those nerves of sending my child off to preschool. Trevor was in great hands and learning so much. Policy Council was a window for me to see behind the scenes. I was blown away at all the detail, dedication, and hard work that goes into this program. It’s incredible!
I thought time flew by so quick back then…that was four whole years ago!!

Today Trevor is almost 7 years old flourishing in the first grade. He loves to read books to his brother, go on hikes, and make YouTube videos. He has a passion for learning everything he can and sharing it with the world. His test scores at school are off the charts. I have Head Start to thank.
As Trevor said it himself, “Head Start really is a head start! Get it?”

Jax is four years old and having a blast in his second year of Head Start. He loves movies and music! He wakes up singing and dancing. He has come a long way since his first day of school. He was diagnosed with a Speech IEP shortly after entering the program. It was hard to see my son struggle so much. The entire Head Start staff was exceptionally supportive during this time. He now gets speech therapy weekly and his speech has improved drastically! I would not have been able to afford therapy on my own. It’s been amazing to see him grown and learn.

And me? I am now working as a Data Entry Specialist for Head Start in the Enrolment office! Being a mom turned employee has been a dream come true. Not only do I love what I do, but the boys think it’s so cool that I work for Head Start! It makes my heart full when I get to call a parent and let them know their child was accepted into the program. It’s my favorite thing. I remember the excitement I felt when I got my acceptance letter, it changed my life! I love being a stepping stone to changing the lives of other families in need. When I made the decision to put Trevor in Head Start & fill out those enrollment papers, I had no idea how dramatically it would end up affecting my life. I know this is just the beginning. Head Start will continue to be the heart that propels us forward.

love from,

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