Holiday In Lights + Pizzeria Locale

November 28, 2017

So remember when I told you my family and I were stuck on the cruise during Hurricane Irma, Jose, and Katia? Well we ended up making so many friends from all over the world. It was incredible. One friend in particular is my new found friend Amy. She’s a beautiful flight attendant from Sweden who I feel like I’ve known forever. We started talking on the cruise and continued our friendship through out the past couple months via social media and sending silly face filtered snap chats.

Last week Amy got on a plane and flew 14 hours to spend Thanksgiving week with my family and I. I picked her up Monday night with a week full of fun in store. We had an absolute blast! My children fell in love with her. She flew home Sunday and the boys are telling me they miss her already. My husband, Derrek, enjoyed their love of making fun of me and my blonde self 😑

(see their face swap below)

The day before Thanksgiving we packed up the car and headed off to Holiday in Lights at Sharon Woods. We were excited to share one of our favorite traditions with Amy while she was visiting.

Holiday in lights is a little over one mile drive through the woods with a beautiful light show. We listened to Sia’s new Christmas album (highly recommend) and sang and danced in the comfort of our car. We gasped at the beautiful light tunnels and laughed as we seen animals and dinosaurs in the lights. We were so excited to even see Saint Lucia representing Sweden. A little piece of home for Amy.

The boys loved all of the lights and music. Trevor kept yelling “turn this song up!” Amy said there was nothing like this back home to celebrate Christmas and she enjoyed it very much. Sharon Woods even has a Santaland inside with refreshments, entertainment, and Santa himself! This part wasn’t open when we went, but we will definitely be back for Santaland! Local? I highly encourage you to check out this light show and Santaland.

Click Here for information and even a coupon! I recommend adding Holiday In Lights to your list of holiday traditions.

After the light show we did what any Americans would do and go out for pizza.

We decided to check out a new pizza place we have never been to called Pizzeria Locale. It is a cross between Italian fine dining and fast food.

You order your pizza any way you’d like it, and they toss it into their 900 degree fire oven…two quick minutes later and your pizza is ready to enjoy.

The boys shared a cheese pizza while Amy and Derrek ordered pepperoni. I am a little more bold decided to try the 4 cheese mushroom.

The pizza was amazing. It tastes like it took way more than 2 minutes to make!

The boys were very excited to try the Nutella pizza for desert (my new favorite desert) The boys fell in love too. Even Amy who “doesn’t really like sweets” enjoyed a slice.

We had such a fun dinner out. The food was so good. We laughed so hard and made some real fun memories. The customer service at Pizzeria Locale was great! They really took care of us. We will be back again for sure. I want that Nutella pizza right now as I write this.

Click Here for information on your local Pizzeria Locale.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for more fun with Amy here on the blog. We really enjoyed her stay and can’t wait for her to visit again…or me to hop over to Sweden.



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