The Cat’s Meow – my weeks 5 faves

Here comes this weeks 5 faves (a little late, keeping with the theme of my week):

5) Podcasts
So I don’t like silence…it creeps me out. In the car with the boys we’ve been listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. When I’m in the car alone I discover new music or enjoy old favorites…usually finding one I just can’t get off of repeat and keep performing it until I’m ready to audition for American Idol. At work I am a data entry specialist. It’s very tedious and quiet. I like to save my employees and not risk giving them a breakout performance so I listen to podcasts at work (see above a few of my favorites that I highly recommend) Although I’m not a big bachelorette/bachelor fan…I somehow gravitate towards that franchises podcasts. They’re so good and relevant. Do you listen to podcasts? Let me know what you love!!

4) Sloths & The Cincinnati Zoo
So if you know me, and if you don’t, you do know I love sloths! Like cry tears of joy when I just see pictures of their little furry faces. I adopted the sloth at our local zoo while they were running a contest randomly picking an adoptive parent to meet Moe the sloth. Guess who won? Your girl! I am so in love with The Cincinnati Zoo and Moe the two toed sloth. The Cincinnati Zoo does so much to help these animals thrive and educate visitors. I’m happy to be an adoptive parent & I can’t wait to meet Moe and cry my mascara off.

3) My New Air Fryer
This thing is bad ass—and will probably cause me to get an even fatter ass. Derrek surprised me with an early Christmas present this weekend (really it’s a gift for him too!) This air fryer is amazing. The possibilities are endless. Follow along with me on IG and I’ll share recipes and meal ideas! Anyone else have one? Have any recipes you recommend?

2) Ohio Maker Mart
I’m so excited for this event on December 3rd! I absolutely love shopping small. I can’t wait to find some real unique Christmas gifts for my loved ones. Check it out, you won’t want to miss it!! What’s your favorite gift you’ve been given?

1) Trevor reading!
Hands down…numero uno…Trevor reading! He has been reading for awhile now, but his confidence lately has soared. I’m so proud of him! Not to mention, now I get read to vs me doing all the work! I know this is just the beginning of all the things Trevor will do to make me proud…but for right now I am enjoying all the pajama snuggles, book reading, giggling, silly voices, and heart warming stories!!
Thanks guys for tuning in to my weekly round up! Let me know what you think or things I should do/see/try next week!!



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