30 ways you can reuse a household item found in your bathroom:

So, I have used a new toothbrush everyday for the past month. Sounds a little crazy right? Yea. When I noticed there was a monthly subscription about daily toothbrushes I may have rolled my eyes…and then googled toothbrush germs…and then about gagged. Did you know, the average toothbrush can be home to more than 100 million types of bacteria?! I know, so gross…but your mouth is full of bacteria & your toothbrush probably wont make you sick…but I do have a convenient, affordable solution for you to step up your oral health! Raise your hand if you thought about a trash can full of toothbrushes? That’s where my mind went. So I put my DIY head to work and came up with 30 ways you could reuse those brushes instead of trashing them.

  1. Cleaning Bathroom/Kitchen sink
  2. Cracks and crevices in the shower/tub
  3. Woodwork dusting – this is a fun chore you can have the kids do!
  4. Shoes! (Check out how I used one to scrub Jax’s smelly shoes here)
  5. Jewelry
  6. Giving some extra love to stains after using spray n’ wash, before throwing something in the wash.
  7. Car seats
  8. Car vents/cup holders
  9. Cleaning crayon from walls is
  10. Cleaning out the lint trap of the dryer
  11. The shower head
  12. Dust out the vent of your hair dryer
  13. Cleaning the holes in the pasta strainer
  14. Inside the Keurig
  15. Cleaning the hard to reach spots of the whisks and spatulas
  16. Cleaning remotes and keyboards
  17. Windows and doors
  18. Picture frames
  19. Applying dry shampoo
  20. bracelets — check out the how to Here!
  21. splatter paint fun!
  22. they’re nice to keep handy for any staining or texture top coat art projects!
  23. Plant in the garden bristles down and use the handle to make garden labels
  24. Keep one in your make up supplies to tame brows
  25. Cleaning fingernails
  26. Unclump mascara
  27. Scrub fish tanks
  28. Coloring your hair at home? Use a toothbrush to apply color to your roots
  29. Cleaning baby/kids toys
  30. Bringing Velcro back to life


Check out the link above to learn more about Bright Brush and getting your hands on this really cool monthly subscription! It’s an affordable way to not only improve your dental hygiene…but give you a month worth of cleaning, fun, and recycling.

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I hope this list inspired you. Creating it inspired me to start doing a little more deep cleaning myself!

Have a wonderful Sunday!






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