The BEST gift you can give children-TIME!

August 2, 2017

I recently got together with my friends and their little ones to celebrate my Jax’s birthday. As a friend group we have SEVEN boys! We joke and say the first one to have a girl will be kicked out and can’t be friends with us anymore lol That hypothetical girl will actually be the most protected…seven boys to have her back!
Now that we are all growing older and raising our children we don’t see each other as much as we used to. We used to be together every weekend! Time passes by and having kids keeps us busy, but when we do all get together it’s like no time passes. Seeing our kids laugh and play warms our hearts. Time spent laughing over pizza and beer is now spent laughing over baby giggles and toddler stories…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I wanted to  get the newest little ones a little something to represent that gift of time and my love of fashion…what’s better than a baby watch?! I found these adorable cotton bracelets designed to look like a wrist watch. I thought this was the coolest thing. I wish I found these when my boys were little. They’re perfect for them to chew on and they look adorable with little outfits! The boys loved them and rock them all the time. I wish there was a little girl in our group, because the girl watches are just as adorable!
Baby Watch Bracelet Mockup Vertical- CircularWhat is the best gift you can give your children & your friends children? TIME! Be there. Show up. Give hugs/kisses.  Double tap that picture of them with their sweet grin as you’re scrolling though social media. Give high fives. Listen to them talk. Look at them in the eyes. Hold their hands. Pick them up. Take pictures. Play toss. Because before you know it, you’re at their high school graduation, their wedding…and you’ll wish you’d had more time.
image1 (2)
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Looking for the perfect gift to give a little in your life? Besides your time, this Babys Watch is the perfect gift. There are both boy & girl prints. You can even have it sent in a gift box. Shop their collection here!!
Don’t let days turn into months, into years…time is all you have, and time is all you need.

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