Trevor's Big Shots Sports Training Birthday Party!

May 20, 2017

We had Trevor’s 6th birthday party at Big Shots Sports Training (located inside Recreation’s Outlet)DSC_0008.JPGEveryone says it goes by so fast…and it truly does. I promise he was just this little toothless boy!171.JPG

Everyone had such a great time celebrating Trevor’s birthday! There was so much to do between Big Shots Sports Training Facility & Recreations Outlet! Trevor really got to call the shots and make the day everything he wanted it to be!

Aside from being my new favorite place to have a birthday party, it’s a really fun place to spend the day! Take the kids to a little dribblers class at Big Shots, get a hair cut at Junior Cuts (also located inside), then play on the equipment at Rec Outlet. You never have to leave the building. The kids will be wore out. It’s a mama’s dream!


With your party you also get time in the party room. We did light snacks, cake, and gifts. Trevor’s friends know him too well, he was spoiled with everything he loves and more!

There is so much planning when it comes to hosting a party:

Clean—you clean the house spotless because you have people coming into your house…I can’t let them know my house doesn’t actually look like a Pinterest photo! Then everyone leaves and it’s a disaster—get to cleaning again!

Food—you provide a meal..but what does everyone like? How many people are coming? I always end up cooking for an army and we have left overs all week!

Party Favors—okay, let me buy a ton of junk stuff that breaks before the kids get home and waist my money…no, I’ll get something meaningful—multiply that by 16 $$$—oh wait, I can’t leave out the babies, let me grab some stuff for them…should I get stuff for their dogs too? What am I doing? Why am I doing this again?

Decorations—I am all about a good party theme…I haven’t thrown a party without a theme and I get a little lost in the tiny details…like the hubby is digging me out of 20 homemade pacman goodie bags the morning of…I love it, but it’s exhausting!

Entertainment—what are the kids going to do?!


At Big Shots:

I didn’t have to worry about anything said above…and I LOVED IT!! It was so refreshing. With your party you get an amazing party host who organizes the kids entertainment. She was beyond amazing by the way! The kids loved her and she looked like she had just as much fun as them! We didn’t decorate the party room, I thought it looked really great already! There is an option where you can even order balloons beforehand during your party consultation. We did prepackaged party bags from Amazon Prime (amazing idea from the hubby!) The kids had a blast & I actually got to enjoy myself too! I may have been jumping with the kids on the trampolines by the end!

Another big take away from this party was seeing all the age ranges having a blast…from the babies to the preteens to the adults…everyone was entertained and having a good time. That meant a lot to me. Trevor has friends and family of all ages…and everyone was smiling! Trevor said this birthday party was his favorite! I can’t argue with that! After two kids & 6 years of birthday parties…I finally understand the best way to go about celebrating! Am I too old to have my birthday party at Big Shots?


“Thank you Big Shots Sports Training & Recreations Outlet for the best party ever!” – Trevor

We made a fun video of the party! Check it out below!

Check out our video here!

Check here for more >>> Party Info!

Don’t forget to enter their monthly drawing for a FREE party!



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