Breadwars — wheat vs. white

@tufoutdoors aka Derrek aka “the husband” is making a guest appearance on the blog & breaking down Klosterman’s new organic line of bread for you! In our house we have to buy a separate loaf of white bread just for Derrek. I have been trying for the past ten years to get him over to the right side of bread…wheat!

He is sharing with you not only what he thinks of the bread, but his “ultimate sandwich recipe!” Check it out!

Hey guys this is Derrek (@tufoutdoors). Let me start off by saying that I have only liked plain, normal, boring white bread my entire life. My wonderful wife Shelbie (@ddotts) has been trying and trying to get me to eat “healthier” bread pretty much since we started dating. Every time I have tried the “healthier” bread she brings home I typically take one bite and that is that. When she first told me about the new bread Klosterman was coming out with I thought cool for you ill stick with my plain white “unhealthy” bread. But then she told me that one of the new ones was an organic honey white. Now she had my attention. She bought the honey white for me and the honey wheat for herself and the kids. The honey white was great it was gone in only a couple of days. She insisted I try the honey wheat. “You’ll love it” yeah I’ve heard that a million times. But since I was out of the honey white I went ahead and gave it a shot. Long story less long, I guess I wont be upset when she does the grocery shopping and comes home with only the honey wheat. It was surprisingly very good.
As for this beautiful masterpiece of a sandwich pictured above this is one of my favorites. We’re talking three kinds of cheese (swiss, provolone, colby/jack) turkey, black forest ham, tomato, banana pepper,mayo and all on that dag on honey wheat with not one but two pickles on the side. Absolutely delicious!
Like my wife trying to inspire me to eat healthier with the wheat bread, she has also inspired me to create a blog of my own. Head over to and check out the blog, videos, pictures and very soon some merch.

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