What Have We Been Up To?

February 6, 2017
  • Trevor got some fresh kicks—check out that book bag! Yes, that’s a sloth riding a shark!

I love my sweet big boy. He loves the color blue! 

  • I’m exhausted and I’m noticing it’s a lot harder for me to hide! I did get some very inexpensive eye cream from ELF that has worked wonders. I would highly recommend!
(click “eye cream”to shop amazon) 
  • My poor little Jax has been struggling with a case of pneumonia. We are currently in a research study looking into the time frame of antibiotic prescriptions. J loves seeing his girls at Cincinnati Children’s each week. They spoil him with so much love and care. 

  • I’ve been feeling totally down & out recently…can’t shake my mood. Struggling to keep motivated, inspired…I’m juggling all of these things in my life and really can’t seem to get a grasp on it all. I’ve gained weight recently from eating all of my feelings. (I’m sure having a bar in my dining room isn’t helping. My husband loves keeping a stocked bar, he enjoys making drinks & I love Captain and Sprite!)
  • Although there is a storm cloud inside my brain (thank you epilepsy & my daily medication: Keppra)…I am trying really hard to dig my head out of the sand. Last night the hubby & I decided to have a date night in once the kids went to bed. Popcorn/eye masks/The Divergent series. ..exactly what I needed to calm my mind!

(yes, I do need an entire bowl of popcorn to myself!)

  • Dr. Teal’s  bubble bath’s are life changing. This detox and energy foaming bath is my favorite. With my busy schedule it’s very hard to find time for a bubble bath…but I try to make it a weekly ritual & take time to chill.

(another sloth in my grid…my favorite animal if you can’t tell)

  • Saturday morning I went to see my cousin for a new hair do. I’m obsessed. She totally nailed it. I got an ashy shadowed root. She perked up my already blonde hair with a toner & gave me a fresh cut.

Having a new hair do definitely perked up my mood!

New hair, who dis? 

  • Rosemary, our sweet kitty cat. She turns two next month! She is our baby, but she loves the boys like they are her own. She follows them around and protects them through out the day. When we get home from school, she is running down the stairs ready to catch up with her boys. 

Wake. Meditate. Coffee. High Bun. Gangsta Rap. GO! 

  • Friday night we went to the circus! My worst nightmare…fun fact: I’m TERRIFIED of clowns. Another fact: as a young girl, I spent everyday on PETA’s website. That is where I learned about the horrors of animal treatment in the circus. Before kids I promised I would never go to the circus…and I’ve turned down many invitations, until now. With my job comes some really awesome perks & we got to opportunity to go to the Shrine Circus. I sucked up my personal feelings/fear of clowns to take the kids to see what it’s all about. The circus animals looked very well loved and taken care of. The kids had a great time…lots of ooooo and awwwws…lots of dancing! This circus donates to the local Shriner’s Hospital. So buying the kids all of the fun treats felt good knowing the proceeds were going back to an amazing cause. 

I hope you enjoyed this little back story on my Instagram grid. 

We are just a family living…doing this life thing.

I’m just a mom who loves to write about it.

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  • rbell3 February 6, 2017 at 3:02 am

    My goodness, I love your little family! I’m so blessed to be in your life! Keep writing, this is so good!
    Love you!

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