Mom by day, tattoo artist by night. 

January 29, 2017

It’s a chilly Saturday in January…and we spent most of the day shopping for deals. My husband wants to try a new thrill…finding things to buy very cheep and flip to make a profit. I live on finding deals for the family, so I was down for the ride. We found a few mugs at Goodwill for $0.50 cents a piece that sell online for $10-$15. Cool right? We went to Gabe’s next and I found these really cool tattoos for the kids for only $0.25 cents. When we got back to the car my husband looked at what I found and looked them up online. They go online for $10-$15 a pack! So he went back in and bought the rest to resell. 
After lunch and coming back home, Trevor and I decided to head back out for some more thrift shopping. We went to my absolute favorite place to score a deal, The Gap Outlet. I came out with 3 sweaters, a pair of jeans, 2 hoodies for the boys, and a very nice black trench coat…all for $40…total steal! (Let me know if you’d ever like to see a try-on style blog of my Gap Outlet/Goodwill hauls) Trevor needed batteries for a new robot toy, so we decided to head to another fun discount store we love…5 below. While we were there, we picked up a game of Bean Boozled. 
After a day of shopping, we had everything we needed for a fun, winter night in! Daddy was invited to play darts with friends, we had the house–tattoo parlor– all to ourselves.

We picked Daddy Day Care to watch while we made the coolest half sleeves with our new Tattly tattoos. The pack of tattoos we scored today are the absolute coolest! After picking out what they wanted on their sleeves, they took turns sitting in my parlor chair. The tattoo pack came with this thin thing that felt like card board that said “Hey, I’m a sponge!” After getting it wet, it puffed up so cool and turned into a full size sponge! Instantly, Trevor and Jax transformed into total bad to the bone brothers! I even got one too ☺️ Below you’ll see their faces acting like they’re getting real tattoos. 

After tattoo photo shoots, Trevor insisted we brake out the Bean Booozled game. If you haven’t heard of this game, you’ve probably been living under a rock…or you don’t have kids. We’ve played before and I got lucky with only good flavors. With flavors like, spoiled milk, dead fish, and moldy cheese…I’d rather not press my luck again. Trevor and Jax had a few runs to the toilet to spit out some canned dog food & lawn clippings. 

After so much excitement and giggles, we decided to wind down and snuggle up to watch the BBC documentary Life. 
These boys mean the world to me! These days where we don’t do much except enjoy each other’s company…are the days I will hold dear to my heart. I love when my family gives me so much more to add to my resume…today I woke up a mommy and transformed into a flea market flipper, tattoo artist, bean boozled referee…to name a few. 

I’m off to switch the loads of laundry and finish up my coffee…yes I drink coffee at 9:00 on a Saturday night. How else do you think your house gets clean? No, there’s no super fairy who comes in the middle of the night to pick up after everyone. No tutu and wings…just your mama in her pjs and caffeine! 

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my life. A little piece of nothingness that is my everything. 

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    How cool!

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