The Poo Poo Fairy Has Arrived At The Todd's House!

August 31, 2016

Yes…I said Poo Poo Fairy!

Paulina The Poo Poo Fairy to be exact. She is like Elf On The Shelf meets Tooth Fairy!

image1 (1)

The boys came home from school and she was waiting for Jaxon in a box with a book! I read the book to the boys and they just loved it! It’s about a fairy who helps children use the big-kid potty without fear. The book comes with an adorable Paulina doll. (She has big red hair! Ginger love!)

We snuggled up and read the book. It’s so fun and easy for kids to understand. The illustration is beautiful. After hearing Paulina’s story, Jax instantly ran to the potty and did his poo poo business! I was shocked! She’s a miracle worker! I think I am going to hire her to teach my husband to put the toilet seat down!

image2 (1).JPG

Jax just recently turned 3. We’ve been potty training since July…he’s doing pretty well, but he refuses to tell us when he has to go! We have to take it upon ourselves to set him on the potty every 45 minutes or so. I can’t wait to see how Paulina helps Jax get over his fear and use the potty on his own!

If you’re potty training your child or know a little one who is, this is an adorable gift!

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