"Sometimes Life Is About Risking Everything On A Dream No One Can See But You."

February 24, 2016

My husband is my rock. I honestly feel like I’m living this life with my absolute best friend! We laugh and joke. We can get serious and deep. No matter if we are in a low valley or high up on the mountain, I know he’s there holding my hand, pushing me up, or encouraging me by leading the way.
I have been a stay at home mother running an in home day care for just about 3 years! I’ve enjoyed my time-out from the world. I’ve absolutely loved having all of these babies and kiddos to love and call my own. I love all of their hugs and kisses, all of our playtime and snuggles! But in those 3 years I’ve put myself on hold. My husband comes home to my hair a mess and bags under my eyes bigger than any designer tote. I’m so pale, I sparkle like Edward Cullen. I can’t leave the house. Have you tried to take 3 babies and 4 toddlers outside by yourself? I’m lucky I’ve lived to tell the tale of our few times I felt brave and ventured out. It takes about 20 minutes to get everyone ready to head out for about 10 minutes of play. As soon as we get to the play house someone has to use the restroom again or a baby is crying. Then it takes another 15 minutes to rangle everyone up to head back in. Most days I probably smell like cookies and Mac and cheese. I’m sure my coffee breath is atrocious…But my husband still comes right home to me in my oversized, comfy sweaters and house shoes without a single complaint. He makes me feel like I walk around with a princess crown…wait that’s just Cheerios stuck in my hair. It has been an amazing adventure. I’ve gained so many special memories with all of the kids as the years have flown by. I can belt out any song and they make me feel like a superstar! Who needs to sell out arenas when you have a house full of kids yelling your name!? Hearing my sweet Lucy say “I love you Shelbie. You’re the best babysitter!” Is equivalent to having my star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Each hug around my neck is like constantly getting asked for my autograph. These children are more valuable to me than any jewels. I am so blessed and thankful. But this is where I leave all of that behind to find myself and create a better future for my family.
In the past week I’ve decided to return to school and take on Pilates Instructor Training! I’m squeezing in at LEAST one class a night. I’m taking teacher training every Saturday for the next 18+ weeks. Sunday’s I take a class or two, swoop by and get the kids and head to church. My first week has gone so smooth thanks to my better half. He has been so insanely supportive! He hasn’t complained once of me rushing off to meetings and classes. He takes care of the boys and welcomes me home with a big hug and kiss. Maybe he’s enjoying all this time without me drinking out of his favorite coffee mugs and playing fleet wood Mac repetitively on the record player. I know that I can take this on with ease and graduate on time knowing Derrek is on my team. He believes in me and that’s the greatest motivation I could ask for!
Because I’m not one to do one thing at a time I also accepted an amazing job offer working with Cincinnati Family Magazine. This job gives me so much flexibility, growth, and opportunity. But I am incredibly sad to close this daycare chapter of of my life. When I got the job offer I was so excited, and then overwhelmed with sadness thinking of telling my sweet families. I may or may not have cried on my way home. This job is going to be so amazing for myself and my family. There’s no way I could pass it up. I know that God has great plans for me and I just can’t achieve them from my home. It’s time for me to fly!
I wouldn’t be able to take on all of this without my main man! He loves me for who I am but he also believes I can be so much more! This time last year he was by my side during my epilepsy diagnosis. He was driving me everywhere and constantly checking on me. He made sure I made it to my appointments, art therapy, and retail therapy (Target!). Today he’s here to support me in all of my recent accomplishments. He’s helping me achieve my dreams. I hope I’m able to make him proud! Sometimes life is about risking everything on a dream no one can see but you. I’m blessed to have a husband who sees my dreams just as vividly as my imagination.
Stay tuned ☺️

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  • Tricia February 25, 2016 at 1:06 am

    Makes my Heart Smile!
    You Rock😃
    Good Luck ❤ Tricia

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